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// Copyright 2013 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/ui/input3/cpp/fidl.h>
namespace embedder {
/// Keyboard handles the keyboard signals from fuchsia.ui.input3. Specifically,
/// input3 has no notion of a code point, and does not track stateful versions
/// of the modifier keys.
class Keyboard final {
explicit Keyboard();
/// Consumes the given keyboard event. Keyboard will adjust the modifier
/// state based on the info given in the event. Returns true if the event has
/// been integrated into the internal state successfully, or false otherwise.
bool ConsumeEvent(fuchsia::ui::input3::KeyEvent event);
/// Gets the currently active modifier keys.
uint32_t Modifiers();
/// Gets the last encountered code point. The reported code point depends on
/// the state of the modifier keys.
uint32_t LastCodePoint();
char* LastCodePointAsChar();
/// Gets the last encountered HID usage. This is a 32-bit number, with the
/// upper 16 bits equal to `LastHidUsagePage()`, and the lower 16 bits equal
/// to `LastHIDUsageID()`.
/// The key corresponding to A will have the usage 0x7004. This function will
/// return 0x7004 in that case.
uint32_t LastHIDUsage();
/// Gets the last encountered HID usage page.
/// The key corresponding to A will have the usage 0x7004. This function will
/// return 0x7 in that case.
uint16_t LastHIDUsagePage();
/// Gets the last encountered HID usage ID.
/// The key corresponding to A will have the usage 0x7004. This function will
/// return 0x4 in that case.
uint16_t LastHIDUsageID();
/// Return true if any level shift is active.
bool IsShift();
/// Returns true if the last key event was about a key that may have a code
/// point associated.
bool IsKeys();
/// Returns the value of the last key as a uint32_t.
/// If there isn't such a value (as in the case of on-screen keyboards), this
/// will return a 0;
uint32_t GetLastKey();
/// Set to false until any event is received.
bool any_events_received_ : 1;
/// The flags below show the state of the keyboard modifiers after the last
/// event has been processed. Stateful keys remain in the same state after
/// a release and require an additional press to toggle.
bool stateful_caps_lock_ : 1;
bool left_shift_ : 1;
bool right_shift_ : 1;
bool left_alt_ : 1;
bool right_alt_ : 1;
bool left_ctrl_ : 1;
bool right_ctrl_ : 1;
/// The last received key event. If any_events_received_ is not set, this is
/// not valid.
fuchsia::ui::input3::KeyEvent last_event_;
} // namespace embedder