Migrate old wlan_policy_lib usage

A previous change (https://fxrev.dev/922309) refactored the method names
of wlan_policy_lib, but missed StartStopClientConnectionsTest. This
wasn't caught by mypy because an untyped function was accessing
FuchsiaDevice's wlan_policy_lib.

Change-Id: Ia589b55f035944bf50bde5e52c918dd8b9e8dda0
Reviewed-on: https://fuchsia-review.googlesource.com/c/antlion/+/924136
Reviewed-by: Patrick Lu <patricklu@google.com>
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Fuchsia-Auto-Submit: Sam Balana <sbalana@google.com>
diff --git a/tests/wlan_policy/StartStopClientConnectionsTest.py b/tests/wlan_policy/StartStopClientConnectionsTest.py
index bba800f..82f5a6b 100644
--- a/tests/wlan_policy/StartStopClientConnectionsTest.py
+++ b/tests/wlan_policy/StartStopClientConnectionsTest.py
@@ -16,11 +16,13 @@
 import logging
 import time
+from typing import Any
 from mobly import signals, test_runner
 from antlion.controllers.access_point import setup_ap
 from antlion.controllers.ap_lib import hostapd_constants, hostapd_security
+from antlion.controllers.fuchsia_device import FuchsiaDevice
 from antlion.test_utils.wifi import base_test
 from antlion.utils import rand_ascii_str
@@ -96,15 +98,16 @@
             raise signals.TestFailure("Failed to get expected connect response")
-    def await_state_update(self, fd, desired_state, timeout):
+    def await_state_update(
+        self, fd: FuchsiaDevice, desired_state: Any, timeout_sec: int
+    ):
         """This function polls the policy client state until it converges to
             the caller's desired state.
             fd: A FuchsiaDevice
             desired_state: The expected client policy state.
-            timeout: Number of seconds to wait for the policy state to become
-                     the desired_state.
+            timeout_sec: Duration to wait for the desired_state.
             None assuming the desired state has been reached.
@@ -112,9 +115,9 @@
         start_time = time.time()
         curr_state = None
-        while time.time() < start_time + timeout:
-            fd.sl4f.wlan_policy_lib.wlanSetNewListener()
-            curr_state = fd.sl4f.wlan_policy_lib.wlanGetUpdate()
+        while time.time() < start_time + timeout_sec:
+            fd.sl4f.wlan_policy_lib.set_new_listener()
+            curr_state = fd.sl4f.wlan_policy_lib.get_update()
             if curr_state.get("error"):
                     f"Error occurred getting status update: {curr_state.get('error')}"
@@ -127,9 +130,8 @@
-            "Client state did not converge to the expected state in %s "
-            "seconds. Expected update: %s Actual update: %s"
-            % (timeout, desired_state, curr_state)
+            f"Client state did not converge to the expected state in {timeout_sec}s. "
+            f"Expected update: {desired_state} Actual update: {curr_state}"
         raise signals.TestFailure("Client policy layer is in unexpected state")