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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from typing import List, NewType, Optional
from antlion.controllers.ap_lib.radio_measurement import NeighborReportElement
BssTransitionCandidateList = NewType(
"BssTransitionCandidateList", List[NeighborReportElement]
class BssTerminationDuration:
"""Representation of BSS Termination Duration subelement.
See IEEE 802.11-2020 Figure 9-341.
def __init__(self, duration: int):
"""Create a BSS Termination Duration subelement.
duration: number of minutes the BSS will be offline.
# Note: hostapd does not currently support setting BSS Termination TSF,
# which is the other value held in this subelement.
self._duration = duration
def duration(self) -> int:
return self._duration
class BssTransitionManagementRequest:
"""Representation of BSS Transition Management request.
See IEEE 802.11-2020
def __init__(
preferred_candidate_list_included: bool = False,
abridged: bool = False,
disassociation_imminent: bool = False,
ess_disassociation_imminent: bool = False,
disassociation_timer: int = 0,
validity_interval: int = 1,
bss_termination_duration: Optional[BssTerminationDuration] = None,
session_information_url: Optional[str] = None,
candidate_list: Optional[BssTransitionCandidateList] = None,
"""Create a BSS Transition Management request.
preferred_candidate_list_included: whether the candidate list is a
preferred candidate list, or (if False) a list of known
abridged: whether a preference value of 0 is assigned to all BSSIDs
that do not appear in the candidate list, or (if False) AP has
no recommendation for/against anything not in the candidate
disassociation_imminent: whether the STA is about to be
disassociated by the AP.
ess_disassociation_imminent: whether the STA will be disassociated
from the ESS.
disassociation_timer: the number of beacon transmission times
(TBTTs) until the AP disassociates this STA (default 0, meaning
AP has not determined when it will disassociate this STA).
validity_interval: number of TBTTs until the candidate list is no
longer valid (default 1).
bss_termination_duration: BSS Termination Duration subelement.
session_information_url: this URL is included if ESS disassociation
is immiment.
candidate_list: zero or more neighbor report elements.
# Request mode field, see IEEE 802.11-2020 Figure 9-924.
self._preferred_candidate_list_included = preferred_candidate_list_included
self._abridged = abridged
self._disassociation_imminent = disassociation_imminent
self._ess_disassociation_imminent = ess_disassociation_imminent
# Disassociation Timer, see IEEE 802.11-2020 Figure 9-925
self._disassociation_timer = disassociation_timer
# Validity Interval, see IEEE 802.11-2020
self._validity_interval = validity_interval
# BSS Termination Duration, see IEEE 802.11-2020 and Figure 9-341
self._bss_termination_duration = bss_termination_duration
# Session Information URL, see IEEE 802.11-2020 Figure 9-926
self._session_information_url = session_information_url
# BSS Transition Candidate List Entries, IEEE 802.11-2020
self._candidate_list = candidate_list
def preferred_candidate_list_included(self) -> bool:
return self._preferred_candidate_list_included
def abridged(self) -> bool:
return self._abridged
def disassociation_imminent(self) -> bool:
return self._disassociation_imminent
def bss_termination_included(self) -> bool:
return self._bss_termination_duration is not None
def ess_disassociation_imminent(self) -> bool:
return self._ess_disassociation_imminent
def disassociation_timer(self) -> Optional[int]:
if self.disassociation_imminent:
return self._disassociation_timer
# Otherwise, field is reserved.
return None
def validity_interval(self) -> int:
return self._validity_interval
def bss_termination_duration(self) -> Optional[BssTerminationDuration]:
return self._bss_termination_duration
def session_information_url(self) -> Optional[str]:
return self._session_information_url
def candidate_list(self) -> Optional[BssTransitionCandidateList]:
return self._candidate_list