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"""Class for Wireless config."""
from antlion.controllers.ap_lib.hostapd_security import OpenWRTEncryptionMode
class WirelessConfig(object):
"""Creates an object to hold wireless config.
name: name of the wireless config
ssid: SSID of the network.
security: security of the wifi network.
band: band of the wifi network.
iface: network interface of the wifi network.
password: password for psk network.
wep_key: wep keys for wep network.
wep_key_num: key number for wep network.
radius_server_ip: IP address of radius server.
radius_server_port: Port number of radius server.
radius_server_secret: Secret key of radius server.
hidden: Boolean, if the wifi network is hidden.
ieee80211w: PMF bit of the wifi network.
def __init__(
name: str,
ssid: str,
security: OpenWRTEncryptionMode,
band: str,
iface: str = "lan",
password: str | None = None,
wep_key: list[str] | None = None,
wep_key_num: int = 1,
radius_server_ip: str | None = None,
radius_server_port: int | None = None,
radius_server_secret: str | None = None,
hidden: bool = False,
ieee80211w: int | None = None,
): = name
self.ssid = ssid = security = band
self.iface = iface
self.password = password
self.wep_key = wep_key
self.wep_key_num = wep_key_num
self.radius_server_ip = radius_server_ip
self.radius_server_port = radius_server_port
self.radius_server_secret = radius_server_secret
self.hidden = hidden
self.ieee80211w = ieee80211w