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# Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import copy
from ipaddress import IPv4Address, IPv4Network
class Subnet(object):
"""Configs for a subnet on the dhcp server.
network: ipaddress.IPv4Network, the network that this subnet is in.
start: ipaddress.IPv4Address, the start ip address.
end: ipaddress.IPv4Address, the end ip address.
router: The router to give to all hosts in this subnet.
lease_time: The lease time of all hosts in this subnet.
additional_parameters: A dictionary corresponding to DHCP parameters.
additional_options: A dictionary corresponding to DHCP options.
def __init__(
subnet: IPv4Network,
start: IPv4Address | None = None,
end: IPv4Address | None = None,
router: IPv4Address | None = None,
lease_time: int | None = None,
additional_parameters: dict[str, str] = {},
additional_options: dict[str, int | str] = {},
subnet: ipaddress.IPv4Network, The address space of the subnetwork
served by the DHCP server.
start: ipaddress.IPv4Address, The start of the address range to
give hosts in this subnet. If not given, the second ip in
the network is used, under the assumption that the first
address is the router.
end: ipaddress.IPv4Address, The end of the address range to give
hosts. If not given then the address prior to the broadcast
address (i.e. the second to last ip in the network) is used.
router: ipaddress.IPv4Address, The router hosts should use in this
subnet. If not given the first ip in the network is used.
lease_time: int, The amount of lease time in seconds
hosts in this subnet have.
additional_parameters: A dictionary corresponding to DHCP parameters.
additional_options: A dictionary corresponding to DHCP options.
""" = subnet
if start:
self.start = start
self.start =[2]
if not self.start in
raise ValueError("The start range is not in the subnet.")
if self.start.is_reserved:
raise ValueError("The start of the range cannot be reserved.")
if end:
self.end = end
self.end =[-2]
if not self.end in
raise ValueError("The end range is not in the subnet.")
if self.end.is_reserved:
raise ValueError("The end of the range cannot be reserved.")
if self.end < self.start:
raise ValueError("The end must be an address larger than the start.")
if router:
if router >= self.start and router <= self.end:
raise ValueError("Router must not be in pool range.")
if not router in
raise ValueError("Router must be in the given subnet.")
self.router = router
# TODO: Use some more clever logic so that we don't have to search
# every host potentially.
# This is especially important if we support IPv6 networks in this
# configuration. The improved logic that we can use is:
# a) erroring out if start and end encompass the whole network, and
# b) picking any address before self.start or after self.end.
for host in
if host < self.start or host > self.end:
self.router = host
if not hasattr(self, "router"):
raise ValueError("No useable host found.")
self.lease_time = lease_time
self.additional_parameters = additional_parameters
self.additional_options = additional_options
if "domain-name-servers" not in self.additional_options:
self.additional_options["domain-name-servers"] = _ROUTER_DNS
class StaticMapping(object):
"""Represents a static dhcp host.
identifier: How id of the host (usually the mac addres
e.g. 00:11:22:33:44:55).
address: ipaddress.IPv4Address, The ipv4 address to give the host.
lease_time: How long to give a lease to this host.
def __init__(self, identifier, address, lease_time=None):
self.identifier = identifier
self.ipv4_address = address
self.lease_time = lease_time
class DhcpConfig(object):
"""The configs for a dhcp server.
subnets: A list of all subnets for the dhcp server to create.
static_mappings: A list of static host addresses.
default_lease_time: The default time for a lease.
max_lease_time: The max time to allow a lease.
def __init__(
self.subnets = copy.deepcopy(subnets) if subnets else []
self.static_mappings = copy.deepcopy(static_mappings) if static_mappings else []
self.default_lease_time = default_lease_time
self.max_lease_time = max_lease_time
def render_config_file(self):
"""Renders the config parameters into a format compatible with
the ISC DHCP server (dhcpd).
lines = []
if self.default_lease_time:
lines.append(f"default-lease-time {self.default_lease_time};")
if self.max_lease_time:
lines.append(f"max-lease-time {self.max_lease_time};")
for subnet in self.subnets:
address =
mask =
router = subnet.router
start = subnet.start
end = subnet.end
lease_time = subnet.lease_time
additional_parameters = subnet.additional_parameters
additional_options = subnet.additional_options
lines.append("subnet %s netmask %s {" % (address, mask))
lines.append("\tpool {")
lines.append(f"\t\toption subnet-mask {mask};")
lines.append(f"\t\toption routers {router};")
lines.append(f"\t\trange {start} {end};")
if lease_time:
lines.append(f"\t\tdefault-lease-time {lease_time};")
lines.append(f"\t\tmax-lease-time {lease_time};")
for param, value in additional_parameters.items():
lines.append(f"\t\t{param} {value};")
for option, value in additional_options.items():
lines.append(f"\t\toption {option} {value};")
for mapping in self.static_mappings:
identifier = mapping.identifier
fixed_address = mapping.ipv4_address
host_fake_name = f"host{identifier.replace(':', '')}"
lease_time = mapping.lease_time
lines.append("host %s {" % host_fake_name)
lines.append(f"\thardware ethernet {identifier};")
lines.append(f"\tfixed-address {fixed_address};")
if lease_time:
lines.append(f"\tdefault-lease-time {lease_time};")
lines.append(f"\tmax-lease-time {lease_time};")
config_str = "\n".join(lines)
return config_str