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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2022 The Fuchsia Authors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
Utility functions for for Anritsu Signalling Tester.
# yapf: disable
0: 'No errors occurred',
2: 'The specified file does not exist',
14: 'The buffer size is insufficient',
29: 'The save destination is a write-protected file.',
80: 'A file with the same name already exists.'
' (If Overwrite is specified to 0.)',
87: 'The specified value is wrong.',
112: 'The disk space is insufficient.',
183: 'SmartStudio is already running.',
1060: 'The control software has not been started or has already terminated',
1067: 'SmartStudio, control software or SMS Centre could not start due to'
'a problem or problems resulting from OS or the MD8475A system.',
1229: 'Connecting to the server failed.',
1235: 'A request is suspended.',
1460: 'The operation is terminated due to the expiration of the'
' timeout period.',
9999: 'A GPIB command error occurred.',
536870912: 'The license could not be confirmed.',
536870913: 'The specified file cannot be loaded by the SmartStudio.',
536870914: 'The specified process ID does not exist.',
536870915: 'The received data does not exist.',
536870916: 'Simulation is not running.',
536870917: 'Simulation is running.',
536870918: 'Test Case has never been executed.',
536870919: 'The resource cannot be obtained.',
536870920: 'A resource protocol error, such as download error or'
' license error, occurred.',
536870921: 'The function call has been in invalid status.',
536870922: 'The current Simulation Model does not allow the operation.',
536870923: 'The Cell name to be set does not exist.',
536870924: 'The test is being executed.',
536870925: 'The current UE status does not correspond to the'
' test parameters.',
536870926: 'There is no LOG information because the simulation'
' has not been executed.',
536870927: 'Measure Export has already been executed.',
536870928: 'SmartStudio is not connected to the SMS Centre.',
536870929: 'SmartStudio failed to send an SMS message to the SMS Centre.',
536870930: 'SmartStudio has successfully sent an SMS message'
' to the SMS Centre,but the SMS Centre judges it as an error.',
536870931: 'The processing that is unavailable with the current system'
' status has been executed.',
536870932: 'The option could not be confirmed.',
536870933: 'Measure Export has been stopped.',
536870934: 'SmartStudio cannot load the specified file because the'
' version is old.',
536870935: 'The data with the specified PDN number does not exist.',
536870936: 'The data with the specified Dedicated number does not exist.',
536870937: 'The PDN data cannot be added because the upper limit of the'
' number of PDN data has been reached.',
536870938: 'The number of antennas, which cannot be set to the current'
' Simulation Model,has been specified.',
536870939: 'Calibration of path loss failed.',
536870940: 'There is a parameter conflict.',
536870941: 'The DL Ref Power setting is out of the setting range'
' at W-CDMA (Evolution).',
536870942: 'DC-HSDPA is not available for the current channel setting.',
536870943: 'The specified Packet Rate cannot be used by the current'
' Simulation Model.',
536870944: 'The W-CDMA Cell parameter F-DPCH is set to Enable.',
536870945: 'Target is invalid.',
536870946: 'The PWS Centre detects an error.',
536870947: 'The Ec/Ior setting is invalid.',
536870948: 'The combination of Attach Type and TA Update Type is invalid.',
536870949: 'The license of the option has expired.',
536870950: 'The Ping command is being executed.',
536870951: 'The Ping command is not being executed.',
536870952: 'The current Test Case parameter setting is wrong.',
536870953: 'The specified IP address is the same as that of Default Gateway'
'specified by Simulation parameter.',
536870954: 'TFT IE conversion failed.',
536870955: 'Saving settings to the SmartStudio scenario failed.',
536875008: 'An error exists in the parameter configuration.'
'(This error applies only to the current version.)',
536936448: 'License verification failed.',
536936449: 'The IMS Services cannot load the specified file.',
536936462: 'Simulation is not performed and no log information exists.',
536936467: 'The executed process is inoperable in the current status'
' of Visual User Agent.',
536936707: 'The specified Virtual Network is not running.',
536936709: 'The specified Virtual Network is running. '
'Any one of the Virtual Networks is running.',
536936727: 'The specified Virtual Network does not exist.',
536936729: 'When the Virtual Network already exists.',
554762241: 'The RF Measurement launcher cannot be accessed.',
554762242: 'License check of the RF Measurement failed.',
554762243: 'Function is called when RF Measurement cannot be set.',
554762244: 'RF Measurement has been already started.',
554762245: 'RF Measurement failed to start due to a problem resulting'
' from OS or the MD8475A system.',
554762246: 'RF Measurement is not started or is already terminated.',
554762247: 'There is a version mismatch between RF Measurement and CAL.',
554827777: 'The specified value for RF Measurement is abnormal.',
554827778: 'GPIB command error has occurred in RF Measurement.',
554827779: 'Invalid file path was specified to RF Measurement.',
554827780: 'RF Measurement argument is NULL pointer.',
555810817: 'RF Measurement is now performing the measurement.',
555810818: 'RF Measurement is now not performing the measurement.',
555810819: 'RF Measurement is not measured yet. (There is no result '
'information since measurement is not performed.)',
555810820: 'An error has occurred when RF Measurement'
' starts the measurement.',
555810821: 'Simulation has stopped when RF Measurement is '
'performing the measurement.',
555810822: 'An error has been retrieved from the Platform when '
'RF Measurement is performing the measurement.',
555810823: 'Measurement has been started in the system state where RF '
'Measurement is invalid.',
556859393: 'RF Measurement is now saving a file.',
556859394: 'There is insufficient disk space when saving'
'a Measure Result file of RF Measurement.',
556859395: 'An internal error has occurred or USB cable has been'
' disconnected when saving a Measure Result'
' file of RF Measurement.',
556859396: 'A write-protected file was specified as the save destination'
' when saving a Measure Result file of RF Measurement.',
568328193: 'An internal error has occurred in RF Measurement.',
687865857: 'Calibration Measure DSP is now being measured.',
687865858: 'Calibration measurement failed.',
687865859: 'Calibration slot is empty or its system does not apply.',
687865860: 'Unexpected command is received from Calibration HWC.',
687865861: 'Failed to receive the Calibration measurement result.',
687865862: 'Failed to open the correction value file on the'
' Calibration HDD.',
687865863: 'Failed to move the pointer on the Calibration correction'
' value table.',
687865864: 'Failed to write the correction value to the Calibration'
' correction value file on the Calibration HDD.',
687865865: 'Failed to load the correction value from the Calibration HDD.',
687865866: 'Failed to create a directory to which the correction value '
'file on the Calibration HDD is saved.',
687865867: 'Correction data has not been written in the'
' Calibration-specified correction table.',
687865868: 'Data received from Calibration HWC does not exist.',
687865869: 'Data has not been written to the Flash ROM'
' of Calibration BASE UNIT.',
687865870: 'Correction data has not been written to the'
' Calibration-specified sector.',
687866111: 'An calibration error other than described above occurred.',
def _error_code_tostring(error_code):
''' returns the description of the error from the error code
returned by anritsu MD8475A '''
error_string = ANRITSU_ERROR_CODES[error_code]
except KeyError:
error_string = "Error : {} ".format(error_code)
return error_string
class AnritsuUtils(object):
def gsm_encode(text):
'''To encode text string with GSM 7-bit alphabet for common symbols'''
table = {' ': '%20', '!': '%21', '\"': '%22', '#': '%23', '$': '%24',
'/': '%2F', '%': '%25', '&': '%26', '\'': '%27', '(': '%28',
')': '%29', '*': '%2A', '+': '%2B', ',': '%2C', ':': '%3A',
';': '%3B', '<': '%3C', '=': '%3D', '>': '%3E', '?': '%3F',
'@': '%40', '[': '%5B', ']': '%5D', '_': '%5F', 'é': '%C3%A9'}
coded_str = ""
for char in text:
if char in table:
coded_str += table[char]
coded_str += char
return coded_str
def gsm_decode(text):
'''To decode text string with GSM 7-bit alphabet for common symbols'''
table = {'%20': ' ', '%21': '!', '%22': '\"', '%23': '#', '%24': '$',
'%2F': '/', '%25': '%', '%26': '&', '%27': '\'', '%28': '(',
'%29': ')', '%2A': '*', '%2B': '+', '%2C': ',', '%3A': ':',
'%3B': ';', '%3C': '<', '%3D': '=', '%3E': '>', '%3F': '?',
'%40': '@', '%5B': '[', '%5D': ']', '%5F': '_', '%C3%A9': 'é'}
coded_str = text
for char in table:
if char in text:
coded_str = coded_str.replace(char, table[char])
return coded_str
def cdma_encode(text):
'''To encode text string with GSM 7-bit alphabet for common symbols'''
table = {' ': '%20', '!': '%21', '\"': '%22', '#': '%23', '$': '%24',
'/': '%2F', '%': '%25', '&': '%26', '\'': '%27', '(': '%28',
')': '%29', '*': '%2A', '+': '%2B', ',': '%2C', ':': '%3A',
';': '%3B', '<': '%3C', '=': '%3D', '>': '%3E', '?': '%3F',
'@': '%40', '[': '%5B', ']': '%5D', '_': '%5F'}
coded_str = ""
for char in text:
if char in table:
coded_str += table[char]
coded_str += char
return coded_str
class AnritsuError(Exception):
'''Exception for errors related to Anritsu.'''
def __init__(self, error, command=None):
self._error_code = error
self._error_message = _error_code_tostring(self._error_code)
if command is not None:
self._error_message = "Command {} returned the error: '{}'".format(
command, self._error_message)
def __str__(self):
return self._error_message
# yapf: enable