Revert "[fs] Use the Fuchsia-defined open flags"

This reverts commit 2aff2cba029cf0f7e98e6d19f6dc7a663c318227.

Reason for revert: Fuchsia uses upstream Rust, which doesn't pull these constants from our C library, but their own. I'll need to wait a few days for us to update upstream Rust before we can make progress here.

Original change's description:
> [fs] Use the Fuchsia-defined open flags
> This change uses the Fuchsia-defined flags on the wire
> as well as on filesystem servers. Clients interacting
> with filesystems through the POSIX compatibility layer
> can continue using POSIX open flags; they will be translated
> by the RIO layers client-side.
> ZX-1359 #comment In Progress
> Change-Id: I27dfdea2024183d5d59daa1ed7d8886d89d503d0,,,,

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Zircon is the core platform that powers the Fuchsia OS. Zircon is composed of a microkernel (source in kernel/...) as well as a small set of userspace services, drivers, and libraries (source in system/...) necessary for the system to boot, talk to hardware, load userspace processes and run them, etc. Fuchsia builds a much larger OS on top of this foundation.

The canonical Zircon Git repository is located at:

A read-only mirror of the code is present at:

The Zircon Kernel provides syscalls to manage processes, threads, virtual memory, inter-process communication, waiting on object state changes, and locking (via futexes).

Currently there are some temporary syscalls that have been used for early bringup work, which will be going away in the future as the long term syscall API/ABI surface is finalized. The expectation is that there will be about 100 syscalls.

Zircon syscalls are generally non-blocking. The wait_one, wait_many port_wait and thread sleep being the notable exceptions.

This page is a non-comprehensive index of the zircon documentation.