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  1. 6fff8ee [zedmon][record] Add stream-to-stdout support by Mark Dittmer · 9 weeks ago master
  2. 7331d7c Add ina_write8/16 commands. by Erik Gilling · 10 weeks ago
  3. 84f07c2 Use Fast Mode Plus i2c timings. by Erik Gilling · 10 weeks ago
  4. aafea85 Add watchdog to restart sampling pipeline. by Erik Gilling · 10 weeks ago
  5. 65ae145 [zedmon] Clean up logging; send to stderr by Mark Dittmer · 3 months ago

Zedmon Power Monitor

Image of Zedmon

Zedmon is a device for measuring power consumption of electronics. It was created to assist the Fuchsia power management efforts.


  • Can monitor up to 5A@28V (36V in upcoming rev 2).
  • 0.25 mA resolution.
  • Up to 3.5 KHz sample rate.
  • Current sense circuitry isolated from USB interface.
  • High and Low side sensing for detecting ground loops.
  • Relay on power line for enabling/disabling power to the device under test.

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