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  1. atx_metadata.bin
  2. build-info_template.json
  3. BUILD.bazel
  4. partitions_template.json
  5. product_config.json
  7. testkey_atx_psk.pem
  8. virtual_device_template.json
  9. x64_image_template.json

Workstation Product

This directory contains targets for assembling and paving the Workstation product.

Static Files

These files are currently checked in, but will be replaced with BUILD targets and will be generated as part of the build, or come from external repositories.

  • testkey_atx_psk.pem - An example private key used to sign the Workstation product. This key is copied from the [Android Verified Boot repository].
  • atx_metadata.bin - Metadata for the testkey_atx_psk.pem file.
  • x64_board_template.json - This file is an input to the fuchsia_board_configuration rule, which replaces the literals with file-paths during the build. This will change over time.

Generated Files

The build is partially generated by bazel run //tools/build_generator

The generator parses information about a local build of Workstation in order to create a configuration for assembling the product from artifacts hosted by TUF. It generates the following files in this directory: