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Fuchsia Web View

This repository contains the Fuchsia-specific code wrapping the web view class from third_party/webkit/Source/WebKit/fuchsia/WebView.h.

The build is integrated into the normal Fuchsia build process, but due to its heft the default build uses prebuilt artifacts for webkit itself. To build all dependencies locally, add ‘use_prebuilt_webkit=false’ to your GN arguments and add ‘webkit’ to your module set:

./packages/gn/ -p packages/gn/default,topaz/packages/webkit --args use_prebuilt_webkit=false

# or (if you're using
fset x86-64 --modules default,webkit --args use_prebuilt_webkit=false

Updating the Prebuilt WebKit

To update the version of the prebuilt library used for building web_view:

  • Make changes to the webkit repository at //third_party/webkit and submit.
  • Wait for the automated builder to build and upload the new version of prebuilt webkit shared library (
  • Edit scripts/ file and update the WEBKIT_REVISION value to match the new commit hash of the //third_party/webkit repository.
  • Locally test it by running scripts/ manually.
  • Commit the update revision in scripts/

Once the above steps are followed, the newer version of prebuilt webkit library will be downloaded as part of the jiri update process as an update hook.