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Ermine development shell for Fuchsia.


Use the following fx set command to build the shell:

fx set x64 --release --product=workstation

Ask Bar

The shell is quite rudimentary. It displays an Ask bar to allow the user to type in the URI of the component they wish to launch. It also supports http URLs and, for queries that don't resolve to an installed component, it launches the the search page using Chromium.

Clicking outside the Ask bar dismisses it. Pressing Esc key also dismisses it. Use Alt+Space key combo to summon it back.

You component launched from the Ask bar opens up into a Story. Currently, stories are displayed one per screen. You can page through stories using a swipe gesture, but the gesture needs to be performed outside the story. Pressing the [x] icon on top right removes the story.


sessionctl provides similar functionality as the Ask Bar, but from the command line using fx shell:

fx shell sessionctl add_mod <component URI>

where component URI is the URI of the component you are trying to launch.