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This directory contains prebuilt Dart SDK packages downloaded from CIPD. These are built by Fuchsia bots using a recipe.

The prebuilt version must match the sources in //third_party/dart exactly. The script downloads a package for the build host that matches the current Dart revision according to jiri project. It's run automatically by the Jiri manifest but can also be run by hand at any time. Run it with --help for details.

If there is no prebuilt for your build host, then you‘ll have to supply your own. It’s a normal dart-sdk built for the build host, but it also needs bin/gen_shapshot.OS-CPU and bin/gen_shapshot_product.OS-CPU. These run on the build host but target a corresponding Dart VM built for OS-CPU. The Fuchsia GN build will run those for both $host_os-$host_cpu (e.g. linux-x64) and $target_os-$target_cpu (e.g. fuchsia-arm64). This all must be built from Dart sources that exactly match the version in //third_dart/dart that will be built in the Fuchsia GN build.

The GN build argument prebuilt_dart_sdk sets the directory where GN will look for Dart. Its default is the $host_os-$host_cpu subdirectory here, where the script unpacks it by default. To use a different build of Dart, just set that in