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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_ledger/fidl.dart' as ledger;
import 'document/change.dart';
import 'document/document.dart';
import 'document/document_id.dart';
import 'document/values/key_value.dart';
import 'ledger_helpers.dart';
import 'query/query.dart';
import 'sledge.dart';
import 'storage/document_storage.dart';
import 'storage/kv_encoding.dart' as sledge_storage;
import 'storage/schema_storage.dart';
import 'uint8list_ops.dart';
typedef Modification = Future Function();
/// A private exception used to abort and rollback transactions
class _RollbackException implements Exception {}
/// Runs a modification and tracks modified documents in order to write the
/// changes to Ledger.
class Transaction {
// List of Documents modified during the transaction.
final Set<Document> _documents = <Document>{};
final Sledge _sledge;
final ledger.PageProxy _pageProxy;
final ledger.PageSnapshotProxy _pageSnapshotProxy;
/// Default constructor.
this._sledge, this._pageProxy, LedgerObjectsFactory ledgerObjectsFactory)
: _pageSnapshotProxy = ledgerObjectsFactory.newPageSnapshotProxy();
/// Runs [modification].
Future<bool> saveModification(Modification modification) async {
// Start Ledger transaction.
// Obtain the snapshot.
// All the read operations in |modification| will read from that snapshot.
try {
// Execute the modifications.
// The modifications may:
// - obtain a handle to a document, which would trigger a call to |getDocument|.
// - modify a document. This would result in |documentWasModified| being called.
try {
await modification();
} on _RollbackException {
return false;
// ignore: avoid_catches_without_on_clauses
} catch (e) {
// Iterate through all the documents modified by this transaction and
// forward the updates (puts and deletes) to Ledger.
for (final document in _documents) {
if (document.state == DocumentState.available) {
saveDocumentToPage(document, _pageProxy);
saveSchemaToPage(document.documentId.schema, _pageProxy);
} else {
await deleteDocumentFromPage(
document, _pageProxy, _pageSnapshotProxy);
// Finish the transaction by commiting.
// Notify the documents that the transaction has been completed.
..forEach((Document document) => document.completeTransaction())
return true;
} finally {
/// Abort and rollback the transaction
void abortAndRollback() {
throw _RollbackException();
/// Notification that [document] was modified.
void documentWasModified(Document document) {
/// Returns the document identified with [documentId].
/// If the document does not exist, a new document is returned.
Future<Document> getDocument(DocumentId documentId) async {
final document = Document(_sledge, documentId);
Uint8List keyPrefix = concatUint8Lists(
List<KeyValue> kvs =
await getEntriesFromSnapshotWithPrefix(_pageSnapshotProxy, keyPrefix);
// Strip the document prefix from the KVs.
for (int i = 0; i < kvs.length; i++) {
kvs[i] = KeyValue(
start: DocumentId.prefixLength + sledge_storage.typePrefixLength),
if (kvs.isNotEmpty) {
final change = Change(kvs);
return document;
/// Returns the list of the ids of all documents matching the given [query].
/// The result will not contain any updates in progress in the current transaction.
Future<List<DocumentId>> getDocumentIds(Query query) async {
final documentIds = <DocumentId>[];
if (query.filtersDocuments()) {
// TODO: actually check if index is present.
bool indexIsPresent = false;
if (indexIsPresent) {
Uint8List keyPrefix = query.prefixInIndex();
List<KeyValue> keyValues = await getEntriesFromSnapshotWithPrefix(
_pageSnapshotProxy, keyPrefix);
for (KeyValue keyValue in keyValues) {
documentIds.add(DocumentId(query.schema, keyValue.value));
} else {
print('getDocumentIds called with missing index');
List<DocumentId> documentIds =
await getDocumentIds(Query(query.schema));
final filteredDocumentIds = <DocumentId>[];
for (final documentId in documentIds) {
// TODO(LE-638): Avoid discarding the documents after reading them.
final doc = await getDocument(documentId);
if (query.documentMatchesQuery(doc)) {
return filteredDocumentIds;
// TODO: schedule a transaction that builds the index.
} else {
Uint8List keyPrefix = concatUint8Lists(
// Get all entries that correspond to the given schema.
List<KeyValue> keyValues =
await getEntriesFromSnapshotWithPrefix(_pageSnapshotProxy, keyPrefix);
// Entries are sorted by key, thus entries corresponding to the same
// document will be in consecutive positions.
Uint8List currentDocumentSubId;
for (KeyValue keyValue in keyValues) {
final newDocumentSubId =
if (!uint8ListsAreEqual(currentDocumentSubId, newDocumentSubId)) {
documentIds.add(DocumentId(query.schema, newDocumentSubId));
currentDocumentSubId = newDocumentSubId;
return documentIds;
/// Returns whether the document identified with [documentId] exists.
Future<bool> documentExists(DocumentId documentId) async {
Uint8List keyPrefix = concatUint8Lists(
List<KeyValue> kvs =
await getEntriesFromSnapshotWithPrefix(_pageSnapshotProxy, keyPrefix);
return kvs.isNotEmpty;
/// Rollback the documents that were modified during the transaction.
void _rollbackModification() {
..forEach((Document document) => document.rollbackChange())