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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
import '../value_observer.dart';
import 'converted_change.dart';
/// Sledge DataTypes internal storage.
class KeyValueStorage<K, V> extends MapBase<K, V> with MapMixin<K, V> {
final Map<K, V> _storage;
// [_changesToRollback] stores the ConvertedChange that should be applied to
// roll back the transaction that is in progress. For each key that was
// affected in this transaction:
// - it stores the key and the old value in [changedKeys], if key was in [_storage]
// - it stores the key in [deletedKeys], if key wasn't in [_storage]
final ConvertedChange<K, V> _changeToRollback;
ValueObserver _observer;
/// Creates a storage using the provided [equals] as equality.
KeyValueStorage({bool equals(K key1, K key2), int hashCode(K key)})
: _storage = HashMap<K, V>(equals: equals, hashCode: hashCode),
_changeToRollback = ConvertedChange(
HashMap<K, V>(equals: equals, hashCode: hashCode),
HashSet<K>(equals: equals, hashCode: hashCode));
V operator [](Object key) => _storage[key];
void operator []=(K key, V value) {
_storage[key] = value;
V remove(Object key) {
V result = this[key];
return result;
void clear() {
Iterable<K> get keys => _storage.keys;
int get length => _storage.length;
/// Retrieves the current transaction's data.
ConvertedChange<K, V> getChange() {
final change = ConvertedChange<K, V>();
// [_changeToRollback.deletedKeys] is a collection of keys that were not in
// [_storage] when the transaction started, but were affected by this
// transaction.
for (final key in _changeToRollback.deletedKeys) {
// When we add a key-value pair in a transaction, we add the corresponding
// key in [_changeToRollback.deletedKeys]. It is valid however, to remove
// that key in the same transaction. In that case, [deletedKeys] will not
// be updated (to remove the key), and _storage will not contain the given
// value. We thus need to check whether the key exists, and only add it in
// the list of [change.changedEntries] if it does.
if (_storage.containsKey(key)) {
change.changedEntries[key] = _storage[key];
// [_changeToRollback.changedEntries] is a collection of keys that were in
// [_storage] when transaction started and were affected by this transaction.
for (final key in _changeToRollback.changedEntries.keys) {
final newValue = _storage[key];
if (newValue != null) {
change.changedEntries[key] = newValue;
} else {
return change;
/// Completes the current transaction and starts the next one.
void completeTransaction() {
/// Applies external transaction.
void applyChange(ConvertedChange<K, V> change) {
/// Rolls back all local modifications.
void rollbackChange() {
/// Sets the observer.
set observer(ValueObserver observer) {
_observer = observer;
/// Backs up info for [key] to enable rollback on it.
void _backupStateOfKeyValue(K key) {
if (_changeToRollback.deletedKeys.contains(key) ||
_changeToRollback.changedEntries.containsKey(key)) {
final previousValue = this[key];
if (previousValue == null) {
} else {
_changeToRollback.changedEntries[key] = previousValue;
void _valueWasChanged() {