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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
// TODO: consider making Changes immutable.
/// Interface to get changes applied to MapValue.
class MapChange<K, V> {
/// Changed entries in the MapValue.
Map<K, V> changedEntries;
/// Set of keys deleted from the MapValue.
Set<K> deletedKeys;
/// Constructor from ConvertedChange.
MapChange(ConvertedChange<K, V> change)
: changedEntries = Map<K, V>.from(change.changedEntries),
deletedKeys = Set<K>.from(change.deletedKeys);
/// Interface to get changes applied to SetValue.
class SetChange<E> {
/// Set of inserted elements.
Set<E> insertedElements;
/// Set of deleted elements.
Set<E> deletedElements;
/// Constructor from MapChange.
SetChange(ConvertedChange<E, E> change)
: insertedElements = change.changedEntries.keys.toSet(),
deletedElements = Set<E>.from(change.deletedKeys);
/// Interface to get changes applied to OrderedList.
class OrderedListChange<E> {
/// Sorted list of positions of deleted elements.
/// Positions are given in initial OrderedList.
List<int> deletedPositions;
/// Sorted Map of positions and values of inserted elements.
/// Positions are given in the OrderedList obtained after
/// all specified operations (both insertions and deletions).
SplayTreeMap<int, E> insertedElements;
/// Constructor.
OrderedListChange(this.deletedPositions, this.insertedElements);
/// Change in inner representation of Sledge data types.
class ConvertedChange<K, V> {
/// Collection of key value pairs to be set.
final Map<K, V> changedEntries;
/// Collection of keys to be deleted.
final Set<K> deletedKeys;
/// Constructor.
ConvertedChange([changedEntries, deletedKeys])
: changedEntries = changedEntries ?? <K, V>{},
deletedKeys = deletedKeys ?? <K>{};
/// Copy constructor.
ConvertedChange.from(ConvertedChange<K, V> change)
: changedEntries = Map.from(change.changedEntries),
deletedKeys = Set.from(change.deletedKeys);
/// Clears all changes.
void clear() {