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Flutter Library for Media

This directory contains dart code to help play media in a Flutter app. The adjacent lib\dart directory contains more dart code that has no Flutter dependency. This directory depends on lib\dart.


MediaPlayerController is a class that manages FIDL media players. This class is distinct from the widget, because it typically needs to outlive the widget state.

A controller instance controls a single media player, either on the local device or on a remote device. It will create a local player, but it doesn't have any way to create a remote player. A remote player must be started somehow, then a MediaPlayerController will connect to it via the connectToRemote method. To create a local player, call the open method.

Once a local or remote player is open, it can be controlled using various methods. It also exposes properties that let the application know what's going on. The controller implements Listenable, so applications can know when its properties have changed.

MediaPlayer (the widget)

MediaPlayer is a stateful widget that shows video and provides some UI such as play/pause buttons and a touchable progress bar. It can also be used for audio-only content, in which case only the UI is shown. Its constructor accepts a MediaPlayerController.

The layout logic of a MediaPlayer attempts to preserve proper video aspect ratio if possible. If both dimensions are constrained, the video will be stretched accordingly. Otherwise, the widget will be as large as it can be while meeting its imposed constraints and maintaining correct aspect ratio.


ProgressNotifier is a ChangeNotifier for animating widgets that reflect player progress. This class can be used with AnimatedBuilder to create widgets that animate based on the progress of an AudioPlayerController or MediaPlayerController. Use ProgressNotifier to animate a progress bar or other progress indication with a minimum of redrawing.