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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_ledger/fidl.dart' as ledger;
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_modular/fidl.dart';
import 'package:fidl_fuchsia_modular/fidl_async.dart' as modular_async;
import 'package:fidl/fidl.dart' as fidl;
import 'package:zircon/zircon.dart' show ChannelPair;
import 'document/change.dart';
import 'document/document.dart';
import 'document/document_id.dart';
import 'ledger_helpers.dart';
import 'modification_queue.dart';
import 'query/query.dart';
import 'sledge_connection_id.dart';
import 'sledge_page_id.dart';
import 'storage/kv_encoding.dart' as sledge_storage;
import 'subscription/subscription.dart';
import 'transaction.dart';
import 'uint8list_ops.dart';
// TODO: consider throwing exceptions when initialization or transaction fails.
// Instead of current approach to return false.
/// The interface to the Sledge library.
class Sledge {
final ledger.LedgerProxy _ledgerProxy = new ledger.LedgerProxy();
final ledger.PageProxy _pageProxy;
final ConnectionId _connectionId = new ConnectionId.random();
// Cache to get document by documentId.prefix.
final Map<Uint8List, Future<Document>> _documentByPrefix =
// The factories used for fake object injection.
final LedgerObjectsFactory _ledgerObjectsFactory;
ModificationQueue _modificationQueue;
Subscription _subscribtion;
/// Default constructor.
factory Sledge(ComponentContext componentContext, [SledgePageId pageId]) {
fidl.InterfacePair<ledger.Ledger> ledgerPair = new fidl.InterfacePair();
return new Sledge._(ledgerPair.passHandle(), pageId);
/// Internal constructor
Sledge._(fidl.InterfaceHandle<ledger.Ledger> ledgerHandle,
[SledgePageId pageId])
: _pageProxy = new ledger.PageProxy(),
_ledgerObjectsFactory = new LedgerObjectsFactoryImpl() {
pageId ??= new SledgePageId();
// The initialization sequence consists of:
// 1/ Obtaining a LedgerProxy from the LedgerHandle.
// 2/ Setting a conflict resolver on the LedgerProxy (not yet implemented).
// 3/ Obtaining a LedgerPageProxy using the LedgerProxy.
// 4/ Subscribing for change notifications on the LedgerPageProxy.
_ledgerProxy.ctrl.onConnectionError = () {
// TODO(jif): Handle disconnection from the Ledger.
_ledgerProxy.getPage(, _pageProxy.ctrl.request());
_modificationQueue =
new ModificationQueue(this, _ledgerObjectsFactory, _pageProxy);
_subscribtion = _subscribe();
/// Constructor that takes a new-style binding of ComponentContext
factory Sledge.forAsync(modular_async.ComponentContext componentContext,
[SledgePageId pageId]) {
final pair = new ChannelPair();
componentContext.getLedger(new fidl.InterfaceRequest(pair.first));
return new Sledge._(new fidl.InterfaceHandle(pair.second), pageId);
/// Convenience factory for modules.
factory Sledge.fromModule(final ModuleContext moduleContext,
[SledgePageId pageId]) {
ComponentContextProxy componentContextProxy = new ComponentContextProxy();
return new Sledge(componentContextProxy, pageId);
/// Convenience constructor for tests.
Sledge.testing(this._pageProxy, this._ledgerObjectsFactory) {
_modificationQueue =
new ModificationQueue(this, _ledgerObjectsFactory, _pageProxy);
_subscribtion = _subscribe();
/// Convenience constructor for integration tests.
Sledge.fromLedgerHandle(fidl.InterfaceHandle<ledger.Ledger> ledgerHandle,
[SledgePageId pageId])
: this._(ledgerHandle, pageId);
/// Closes connection to ledger.
void close() {
/// Transactionally save modification.
/// Returns false if an error occurred and the modification couldn't be
/// committed.
/// Returns true otherwise.
Future<bool> runInTransaction(Modification modification) {
return _modificationQueue.queueModification(modification);
/// Abort and rollback the current modification.
/// Execution of the transaction does not continue past this point.
void abortAndRollback() {
if (currentTransaction == null) {
throw new StateError('No transaction started.');
/// Returns the document identified with [documentId].
/// If the document does not exist or an error occurs, an empty
/// document is returned.
Future<Document> getDocument(DocumentId documentId) {
if (!_documentByPrefix.containsKey(documentId.prefix)) {
_documentByPrefix[documentId.prefix] =
return _documentByPrefix[documentId.prefix].then((Document d) {
return d..makeExist();
/// Returns the list of all documents matching the given [query].
Future<List<Document>> getDocuments(Query query) async {
List<DocumentId> documentIds =
await currentTransaction.getDocumentIds(query);
List<Future<Document>> documents = <Future<Document>>[];
for (final documentId in documentIds) {
return Future.wait(documents);
/// Returns whether the document identified with [documentId] exists.
Future<bool> documentExists(DocumentId documentId) {
return currentTransaction.documentExists(documentId);
/// Returns the current transaction.
/// Returns null if no transaction is in progress.
Transaction get currentTransaction {
return _modificationQueue.currentTransaction;
/// Returns an ID, unique among active connections across devices.
ConnectionId get connectionId => _connectionId;
/// Calls applyChange for all registered documents.
void _applyChange(Change change) {
// Split the changes according to their type.
final splittedChange =
// Select the changes that concern documents.
final documentChange = splittedChange[sledge_storage
.prefixForType(sledge_storage.KeyValueType.document)] ??
new Change();
// Split the changes according to the document they belong to.
final splittedDocumentChange =
for (final documentChange in splittedDocumentChange.entries) {
final prefix = documentChange.key;
_documentByPrefix[prefix]?.then((document) {
/// Subscribes for page.onChange to perform applyChange.
Subscription _subscribe() {
assert(_modificationQueue.currentTransaction == null,
'`_subscribe` must be called before any transaction can start.');
return new Subscription(_pageProxy, _ledgerObjectsFactory, _applyChange);
void _verifyThatTransactionHasStarted() {
if (currentTransaction == null) {
throw new StateError('No transaction started.');