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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:collection/collection.dart';
import '../../uint8list_ops.dart';
import '../change.dart';
import '../leaf_value.dart';
import '../value_observer.dart';
import 'converted_change.dart';
import 'converter.dart';
import 'key_value_storage.dart';
// TODO: keep one value per connection.
/// Implementation of Positive Negative Counter CRDT.
/// For each instance we create a pair of monotonically increasing variables:
/// one to accumulate increments, and another to accumulate decrements. The
/// total value of the counter is the sum, over all instances, of the difference
/// between the positive and negative variable.
/// Each variable pair may be modified by only one instance, so the
/// Last One Wins merge strategy works.
class PosNegCounterValue<T extends num> implements LeafValue {
final KeyValueStorage<Uint8List, T> _storage;
final Uint8List _currentInstanceId;
T _sum;
final T _defaultValue;
final StreamController<T> _changeController =
new StreamController<T>.broadcast();
static final _listEquality = new ListEquality();
final MapToKVListConverter<Uint8List, T> _converter;
/// Default constructor.
: _defaultValue = new Converter<T>().defaultValue,
_converter = new MapToKVListConverter<Uint8List, T>(),
_storage = new KeyValueStorage<Uint8List, T>(
equals: _listEquality.equals, hashCode: _listEquality.hash) {
_sum = _defaultValue;
Uint8List get _positiveKey =>
concatUint8Lists(new Uint8List.fromList([0]), _currentInstanceId);
Uint8List get _negativeKey =>
concatUint8Lists(new Uint8List.fromList([1]), _currentInstanceId);
bool _isKeyPositive(Uint8List key) => key[0] == 0;
Stream<T> get onChange =>;
/// Adds the [delta] to this counter. The [delta] can potentially be negative.
void add(T delta) {
if (delta > 0) {
_addPositiveValue(_positiveKey, delta);
} else {
_addPositiveValue(_negativeKey, -delta);
_sum += delta;
/// Returns the current value of this counter.
T get value => _sum;
void _addPositiveValue(Uint8List key, T delta) {
T cur = _storage[key] ?? _defaultValue;
_storage[key] = cur + delta;
Change getChange() => _converter.serialize(_storage.getChange());
void completeTransaction() {
void applyChange(Change input) {
final ConvertedChange<Uint8List, T> change = _converter.deserialize(input);
for (final changedEntry in change.changedEntries.entries) {
var diff =
changedEntry.value - (_storage[changedEntry.key] ?? _defaultValue);
if (_isKeyPositive(changedEntry.key)) {
_sum += diff;
} else {
_sum -= diff;
void rollbackChange() {
// Rolls back [_storage] state, and [_sum] value.
// Only values for "local keys" ([_positiveKey] and [_negatieKey]) might be
// affected in the current transaction.
// To roll back and restore the value of [_sum] from before the transaction,
// undo adding the [_positiveKey] and subtracting [_negativeKey], roll back
// in [_storage], and then update [_sum] with the reverted values from the
// "local keys".
_sum -= _storage[_positiveKey];
_sum += _storage[_negativeKey];
_sum += _storage[_positiveKey];
_sum -= _storage[_negativeKey];
set observer(ValueObserver observer) { = observer;