[symbolize] Check modtime on ids.txt

This change checks the mod time on the ids.txt file
prior to reading the file and thus prior to performing
verificiation of the ids.txt. Coupled with caching this
reduces the primary cost of the symbolize to be parsing (30-40%, 30% regex alone),
lock contention (15%). This represents something like a 1000x
speed up. Further optimization seems much harder. Increasing
go channel buffer sizes should give a 25%-50% improvement.

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This repo contains tools used in Fuchsia build and development.

Go packages from here are automatically built and uploaded to CIPD and Google Storage by bots using the tools recipe. To add a tool to the build:

  • Edit the bot config.
  • Find the builder_mixins section with name: "tools".
  • Edit the JSON in properties_j to add a string to the packages list: