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.\" Title: yasm_dbgfmts
.\" Author: Peter Johnson <>
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.\" Date: October 2006
.\" Manual: Yasm Supported Debug Formats
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yasm_dbgfmts \- Yasm Supported Debugging Formats
.HP \w'\fByasm\fR\ 'u
\fByasm\fR \fB\-g\ \fR\fB\fIdbgfmt\fR\fR \fB\fI\&.\&.\&.\fR\fR
The standard Yasm distribution includes a number of modules for different debugging formats\&. The debugging information is embedded into the object file\&. Use of a non\-\(lqnull\(rq
debug format also causes Yasm to output all symbols to the object file (including local symbols)\&.
The debug format is selected on the
command line by use of the
\fB\-g \fR\fB\fIdbgfmt\fR\fR
command line option\&.
.SH "CV8"
The CV8 debug format is used by Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (version 8\&.0) and is completely undocumented, although it bears strong similarities to earlier CodeView formats\&. Yasm\'s support for the CV8 debug format is currently limited to generating assembly\-level line number information (to allow some level of source\-level debugging)\&. The CV8 debug information is stored in the \&.debug$S and \&.debug$T sections of the Win64 object file\&.
The DWARF 2 debug format is a complex, well\-documented standard for debugging information\&. It was created to overcome shortcomings in STABS, allowing for much more detailed and compact descriptions of data structures, data variable movement, and complex language structures such as in C++\&. The debugging information is stored in sections (just like normal program sections) in the object file\&. Yasm supports full pass\-through of DWARF2 debugging information (e\&.g\&. from a C++ compiler), and can also generate assembly\-level line number information\&.
debug format is a placeholder; it adds no debugging information to the output file\&.
The STABS debug format is a poorly documented, semi\-standard format for debugging information in COFF and ELF object files\&. The debugging information is stored as part of the object file\'s symbol table and thus is limited in complexity and scope\&. Despite this, STABS is a common debugging format on older Unix and compatible systems, as well as DJGPP\&.
\fBPeter Johnson\fR <\&peter@tortall\&.net\&>
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