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/// \file delta_private.h
/// \brief Private common stuff for Delta encoder and decoder
// Author: Lasse Collin
// This file has been put into the public domain.
// You can do whatever you want with this file.
#include "delta_common.h"
typedef struct {
/// Next coder in the chain
lzma_next_coder next;
/// Delta distance
size_t distance;
/// Position in history[]
uint8_t pos;
/// Buffer to hold history of the original data
uint8_t history[LZMA_DELTA_DIST_MAX];
} lzma_delta_coder;
extern lzma_ret lzma_delta_coder_init(
lzma_next_coder *next, const lzma_allocator *allocator,
const lzma_filter_info *filters);