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  2. wuffs-unsupported-snapshot.c
  3. wuffs-v0.2.c
  4. wuffs-v0.3.c

Releases (in the C Programming Language)

Wuffs the Library ships as a “single file C library”, also known as a “header file library”.

To use that library in your C/C++ project, you just need to copy one file from this directory, or otherwise integrate that one file into your build system. Typically, pick the latest stable version (but not the unsupported snapshot), with a filename like wuffs-vMAJOR.MINOR.c for version MAJOR.MINOR.

To use that single file as a “foo.c”-like implementation, instead of a “foo.h”-like header, #define WUFFS_IMPLEMENTATION before #include'ing or compiling it.

Latest Stable Version

Version 0.2 (December 2019) is the latest stable version. Stable means that its API won't change any further, but being a “version 0.x” means that:

  • It will not have long term support.
  • Newer versions make no promises about compatibility.


Wuffs' canonical repository is located at If you just want to use Wuffs-the-library in its C form (instead of modifying its Wuffs form or otherwise needing Wuffs-the-language tools), a mirror of just the release/c directory is located at By excluding everything else, the mirror is much smaller than and changes much less frequently than the canonical repository.