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Version 2.3.1
- exit with non-zero code if connection fails
- man pages (Kent Baxley)
Version 2.3.0
- don't crash on filter parse error (Zoltan Micskei)
- remove -Q (don't send request) option
- complain about bad filter expression
- fix autotools build for MacOS (Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen)
- adapt to reduced libu exposure in openwsman
Version 2.2.7
- fix the default port setting to match wsmc_create() call. Use
https (port 5986) when cainfo is set.
- in debug mode, dump the complete response XML if it can't
be parsed (Chris Poblete)
Version 2.2.6
- fix segfault in output_file handling (Chris Poblete)
Version 2.2.5
- fix integral parameters on big endian architectures (Kamil Dudka)
Version 2.2.4
- Enhance enumerate with association filter to have the ability to
specify the optional elements namely: AssociationClassName, Role,
ResultClassName, ResultRole and IncludeResultProperty.
(IncludeResultProperty is a list, specify it as a comma separated list
in the ā€œUā€ option.)
(Chris Poblete)
- fix default ports (5985/5986)
- fix --sslkey handling
- add warning if ssl used without --cacert
Version 2.2.3
Bugfix release, synchronize version with openwsman
- fix double free error on enumeration (Chris Poblete)
- add '--version' to print version and build timestamp