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* This README is no longer used to house installation instructions. Instead,
it contains pointers to where you may find the information you need.
* A quick installation guide is provided in the QUICKSTART file.
* Complete installation instructions are found in docs/, with a
variety of document types available. Please refer to these documents
when installing, configuring, and maintaining your Bugzilla
installation. A helpful starting point is docs/txt/Bugzilla-Guide.txt,
or with a web browser at docs/html/index.html.
* Release notes for people upgrading to a new version of Bugzilla are
available at docs/rel_notes.txt.
* If you wish to contribute to the documentation, please read docs/
* The Bugzilla web site is at "". This site will
contain the latest Bugzilla information, including how to report bugs and how
to get help with Bugzilla.