[WebKit] Allow Password field to trigger focus.

By default, password fields do not use input method in webkit.
However, we need this to be enabled for the virtual keyboard to
be triggered. This is a known issue documented:

This changelist temporarily enables input method for passwords.

Bug: SEC-129
Test: built webkit and verified interaction with pages.
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This repository contains a copy of the WebKit web rendering engine. HTML rendering is needed on Fuchsia in order to authenticate with various authentication providers. This WebKit-based solution is meant as a stopgap until Chromium is ported to Fuchsia.


Before building webkit, follow the build instructions for Zircon and Fuchsia.

cd third_party/webkit/Tools/fuchsia
./build_webkit.sh -r

At the Zircon prompt:

mb /system/docs/hello.html


Webkit and its dependencies are provided as a pre-built shared library to the rest of the Fuchsia build. Care must be take when making changes to Source/WebKit/fuchsia/WebView.h to make sure that //topaz/runtime/web_view is compatible with it both with the existing prebuilt and the changes.


2018-04-10 - Trigger a build using the new infra recipe