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This repository contains a copy of the WebKit web rendering engine. HTML rendering is needed on Fuchsia in order to authenticate with various authentication providers. This WebKit-based solution is meant as a stopgap until Chromium is ported to Fuchsia.


Before building webkit, follow the build instructions for Zircon and Fuchsia.

cd third_party/webkit/Tools/fuchsia
./ -r

At the Zircon prompt:

mb /system/docs/hello.html


Webkit and its dependencies are provided as a pre-built shared library to the rest of the Fuchsia build. Care must be take when making changes to Source/WebKit/fuchsia/WebView.h to make sure that //topaz/runtime/web_view is compatible with it both with the existing prebuilt and the changes.


2018-04-10 - Trigger a build using the new infra recipe