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2016-09-27 Matt Baker <>
Web Inspector: Unfocusing / Focusing inspector window should not change ContentView
Reviewed by Brian Burg.
Improve NavigationSidebarPanel logic for coordinating selection between trees.
When tree selection changes, the most recent selection should be restored
the next time the tree is focused.
The sidebar should also handle focusing a tree for the first time, in
which no previous selection exists, and focusing a tree that has had its
previous selection filtered out (hidden).
* UserInterface/Views/NavigationSidebarPanel.js:
Restoring the last deselected element, instead of the last selected element
only works when the selection is moving from one tree to another. When
the elements belong to the same tree the newly selected element won't
be saved until the next selection change. If the window loses and regains
the focus before then, the tree will restore the previous selection,
effectively reverting the last selection change.
2016-09-27 Tomas Popela <>
[GTK] Mac defaults are used for key shortcuts on Linux
Don't set Mac's default keymap as a fallthrough for CodeMirror when we
are not on Mac.
Reviewed by Carlos Garcia Campos.
* UserInterface/Test.html: Include Platform.js for the
WebInspector.Platform definition.
* UserInterface/Views/CodeMirrorAdditions.js:
2016-09-26 Matt Baker <>
Web Inspector: Box Model values not updated when DOM node styles change
Reviewed by Brian Burg.
The Box Model section should refresh itself when the selected node's
computed style changes. This is necessary since the Styles sidebar
doesn't always refresh its sections on node changes.
* UserInterface/Views/BoxModelDetailsSectionRow.js:
(WebInspector.BoxModelDetailsSectionRow.prototype.set nodeStyles):
Refresh metrics whenever the computed style changes.
Drive-by cleanup to make this large function easier to read.
(WebInspector.BoxModelDetailsSectionRow.prototype._updateMetrics.createElement): Deleted.
Renamed createValueElement.
(WebInspector.BoxModelDetailsSectionRow.prototype._updateMetrics.createContentAreaWidthElement): Deleted.
(WebInspector.BoxModelDetailsSectionRow.prototype._updateMetrics.createContentAreaHeightElement): Deleted.
Combined these into a single function taking a property name (width or height).
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