Vulkan CTS

New Tests:
 * Test fragment shading rate limits and rates
 * Test dynamic topology with tessellation shaders
 * Test anisotropic filtering of single-level images
 * Re-enable protected memory tests
 * Conservative rasterization with SampleMask
 * Test zero-size unused specialization constants
 * Rename dynamic_rendering tests
 * Test blitting from compressed formats
 * Add tests for VK_EXT_primitive_topology_list_restart
 * Test more dynamic vertex input variants
 * Add more tests for YCbCr plane compatibility
 * maintenance4: Add pipeline layout tests
 * Add ClearAttachments test to KHR_dynamic_rendering
 * Add tests for vector matching
 * Improve coverage of MSAA copies with different layouts
 * Check required extension core versions
 * Add Image Store tests to BGRA images
 * Add coverage for sampling a cubemap that has been rendered to
 * Add missing items to android cts mustpass list
 * maintenance4: Add LocalSizeId tests
 * Test dynamic rendering with FSR tests
 * Test line stipple factor is ignored if not used
 * Added tests to check ignored Vk*PipelineCreateInfo members
 * maintenance4: Add requirements matching tests
 * Test multiViewport with different depth ranges
 * Test dynamic vertex stride of 0.
 * Add sample mask test for FSR
 * Add tests for VK_EXT_load_store_op_none
 * Test multiview with VK_EXT_multi_draw
 * Add more test related to early fragment tests
 * Add tests for VK_NV_mesh_shader
 * VK_EXT_rgba10x6_formats
 * Change RobustnessExt tests to use format_features2
 * Add coverage for sampling a compressed texture that has been written
 * Add image query tests for VK_KHR_maintenance4
 * Add test of vkCmdCopyImage with both layers and mipmaps
 * Added extra test case for load/store op none
 * Test vkCreateDevice with unsupported features
 * Additional dynamic depth bias tests
 * Ensure that destroying old swapchain has no effect
 * maintenance4: Add push-constant test
 * Add tests for relaxed vector matching
 * Extend multisample tests to support FSR
 * Depth/Stencil descriptor tests
 * Add additional tests for VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering
 * Tests for VK_KHR_format_feature_flags2 extension
 * maintenance4: Add maxBufferSize limit tests
 * Stencil resolve tests without samplerate shading
 * Test blitting from ASTC formats
 * Add test for finding unknown memory property flag sets
 * Update bottom AS's addresses during top AS deserialization
 * Add custom border color swizzle tests
 * Extend image tests to support formats with no formats
 * Add decoration mismatch tests
 * Test dynamic rendering with multiview tests
 * Add new tests for VK_KHR_dynamic_rendering
 * Add a batch of GraphicsFuzz coverage tests
 * Test non-Sample Shading FragCoord.xy
 * Enable Vulkan matrix determinant and inverse precision tests
 * Improve tests checking sign extension with images
 * Test OpImageQueryLod when fwidth(UV) == 0
 * Test multiview with different depth ranges
 * Test dynamic rendering with draw tests
 * Extend decoration mismatch tests
 * Test dynamic rendering with renderpass tests
 * Test VK_EXT_multi_draw with geometry and tessellation shaders

 * Remove fallback and unify testing for image clearing tests
 * Fix image requirements according to its usage
 * Add missing barrier to dynamic rendering tests
 * Wrong format in load_store_op_none test.
 * Remove dynamic rendering multiview tests
 * Fix invocation count verification
 * Prevent RT tests from going over VkPhysicalDeviceVulkan11Properties::maxMemoryAllocationSize
 * Fix DS Layout in LoadStoreOpNone when using dynamic_rendering
 * Do not chain dynamic render pass inheritance info in dEQP-VK.renderpass
 * Read stencil aspect from image in DEPTH_ATTACHMENT_STENCIL_READ_ONLY_OPTIMAL  layout
 * Improve buffer to buffer copy tests
 * Fix a GraphicsFuzz coverage test
 * Fix most dEQP-VK.sparse_resources.shader_intrinsics.* validation errors
 * Update dynamic rendering tests to separate formats
 * Do not overflow when copy data
 * Fix build on CLang failing due to -Wunused-private-field
 * Fix image transition in dynamic rendering tests
 * Partial revert of CL 8054: Fix invalid layout transitions in some dynamic rendering tests
 * Fix multisample_with_fragment_shading_rate tests
 * Fix invalid layout transitions in some dynamic rendering tests
 * Issue in serial storage address computation
 * Fix incorrect shader output format
 * Increase tolerance for matrix precision tests
 * Pause XFB during pipeline switch
 * Ensure the vertex shader matches the vertex input definition
 * Slightly increase tolerance for fp64 determinant test
 * Allow NaN result when result exceeds limit
 * Fix stencil rendering in draw_with_dynamic_rendering.multi_draw tests
 * Initialise dot product required feature struct
 * Fix warning in gcc-8
 * Update vkDeviceFeatureTest.inl
 * Add missing checking of integer dot product features
 * Fix early fragment tests validation errors
 * Portability: handle robustBufferAccess
 * Fix VkClearRect sizes for vkCmdClearAttachment()
 * Fix image view type for multiview multi draw tests
 * Don't silently drop features that were requested
 * Fix layout transitions in dynamic_rendering tests
 * dEQP-VK.renderpass*.load_store_op_none.* tests depth-stencil format support check
 * Remove unused tests from mustpass
 * Fix depth_different_ranges tests
 * Check support in synchronization operation tests
 * Change cache type to NO_CACHE in duplicate_batch_pipelines_no_cache test
 * Make dynamic rendering tests match non-dynamic
 * dEQP-VK.subgroups.*ray_tracing* missing extension check
 * Fix workgroup memory tests for int16s
 * Fix memory requirements tests for sparse images
 * Fix stencil data unpacking in dEQP-VK.fragment_operations test
 * Initialise new member of ImageTestParams struct
 * Fix fragment shading rate validation layer warning

 * Update Vulkan headers
 * Updated framework for VK_KHR_maintenance4
 * Work around bogus GCC 9 warnings
 * Notice of withdrawal of Vulkan CTS 1.2.4.x
 * Optimize image clearing tests
 * Fix Clang -Wcomma warnings
 * Use [u]int16_t in the framework
 * Remove extra semicolons
 * Use uintptr_t in the framework
 * Remove extended image format capabilities from more tests
 * Remove replacement of bool32
 * Deprecation notice for Vulkan CTS 1.2.3.x
 * Fix Android system memory requirements
 * Allow Vulkan CTS
 * Portability: fix osx target
 * Replace DWORD with uint32_t
 * Use [u]int64_t in the framework
 * Use [u]int32_t in the framework
 * Fix qpReleaseInfo generation with non-ASCII paths
 * Reorder vulkan enum elements
 * SwiftShader script improvements
 * Simplify image extend operand tests for extended formats
 * Define a framework function for getting SPIR-V format tokens
 * Wire up support for maintenance4 validation
 * Update checking of VulkanFeatures structs
 * Use [u]int8_t in the framework
 * Require to enable implicit layers
 * Framework for VK_KHR_maintenance4
 * Remove unreachable breaks
 * Add run mode that verifies amber requirements
Remove unused tests from mustpass

Tests were renamed and are included
in other mustpass files, this cleans up
the old references

Components: Vulkan


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This repository contains a GPU testing suite called dEQP (drawElements Quality Program). dEQP contains tests for several graphics APIs, including OpenGL ES, EGL, and Vulkan.


Up-to-date documentation for the dEQP is available at Android Open Source Project site.

The .qpa logs generated by the conformance tests may contain embedded PNG images of the results. These can be viewed with scripts/qpa_image_viewer.html, by opening the file with a web browser and following its instructions, or using the Cherry tool.

Khronos Vulkan Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos Vulkan CTS under external/vulkancts directory. For more information see Vulkan CTS README.

Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS under external/openglcts directory. For more information see OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS README.

ANGLE for Android

ANGLE can be built for Android by following the instructions here.

The resulting ANGLE shared object libraries can be linked against and embedded into dEQP.apk with the --angle-path option. This will cause dEQP.apk to use the ANGLE libraries for OpenGL ES calls, rather than the native drivers.

An ABI must be specified and the directory structure containing the ANGLE shared objects must match it so the build system can find the correct *.so files.

Assuming ANGLE shared objects are generated into ~/chromium/src/out/Release/ and dEQP.apk will be generated with --abis arm64-v8a, issue the following commands:

cd ~/chromium/src/out/Release/
mkdir arm64-v8a && cd arm64-v8a
cp ../lib* .

The --angle-path ~/chromium/src/out/Release/ option can then be used to link against and embed the ANGLE shared object files. The full command would be:

python scripts/android/ --sdk <path to Android SDK> --ndk <path to Android NDK> --abis arm64-v8a --angle-path ~/chromium/src/out/Release/