Vulkan CTS

New tests:
 * New tests for pointers as function parameters
 * Add tests for vkCmdClearColorImage on linear images
 * Cross-stage interface tests
 * Added test for unused framebuffer attachment
 * Added tests for incompatible render pass
 * Test discontiguous descriptor binding values
 * Add extra multiview tests
 * Add more component qualifier array tests for fragment outputs
 * Add OpVariable initialization tests
 * Added test for destroying pipeline object early
 * Added image blit tests with multi-part image lock
 * Add API info tests for YCbCr formats
 * Add tests for max fragment input component limit
 * Add AHardwareBuffer external memory test for format/usage flags.
 * Add tests for packed vertex formats
 * Added tests for rasterizer discard
 * Add tests for compute pipeline derivatives
 * Test cross invocation communication
 * Test omitting blend state with unused attachments
 * Add test for VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
 * New tests for VK_NV_shader_subgroup_partitioned
 * Add SPIR-V tests for 16, 32 and 64-bit integers
 * Test copying data from/to tightly sized buffers
 * Add tests for render targets with write masks
 * Add test for dynamically indexing output variable components
 * Add AHardwareBuffer support to external memory tests
 * Add 16bit storage access chain tests
 * Add tests for 16-bit OpSwitch
 * Add SPIR-V tests for return values of atomic functions
 * Test using gl_Layer in Vertex and Tessellation shaders
 * Test OpTypeImage with different depth property values
 * Test copying data between compressed and uncompressed images
 * Add 16bit to 16bit StorageInputOutput16 tests
 * Fix image validation errors in SPIR-V tests
 * Add operation tests for 16-bit integers
 * Test using gl_ViewportIndex in tessellation shader
 * Add tests for freeing descriptor sets followed by pool reset
 * Add tests for checking YCbCr format enums in Vulkan 1.1
 * Test viewport with zero height
 * Alignment tests of 16bit types in structs
 * Add missing SConvert, FConvert and UConvert tests
 * Create Compute tests for OpName
 * Create Graphics tests for OpName
 * Test updating set with an empty binding
 * Test discontiguous descriptor sets
 * Test creating device when out of host memory
 * Add operation tests for 64-bit integers
 * Extend some of the 16bit storage tests
 * Add sparse image support for pipeline multisample tests.
 * Extend multiview tests
 * Add test for specific depth stencil state
 * Test texture gather with separate sparse binding queue
 * Add tests for sparse compressed textures.
 * Subgroup tests: Using framebuffer in tess geometry tests
 * Add timestamp tests that use two command buffers
 * Test using a pipeline whose render pass has been destroyed
 * Add descriptor set layout lifetime tests
 * Depth/stencil multiview tests
 * Test for return values of vkGet  *ProcAddr
 * Test QueueSubmit with null SubmitInfo and fence
 * Add tests for VK_EXT_post_depth_coverage
 * Add tests for OpSwitch operator
 * Test using gl_ViewportIndex in a vertex shader
 * Test waiting for fences without waitAll
 * Test push constant ranges with overlapping shader stages
 * Fix test with invalid viewport size
 * Test pipeline layout lifetime
 * Add pipeline cache corner cases
 * Add test for VkSetHdrMetadata
 * Tests for layered resolve attachments
 * Test creating empty descriptor set layouts
 * Extend coverage in subgroups: vote, builtinMaskVar
 * Add tests for vkGetDeviceQueue2
 * Robust buffer access through variable pointers
 * Added pipeline creation test matching a crashing layer test
 * Extend combined image sampler tests
 * Add tests for texture *ClampARB and sparseTexture *ClampARB.

 * Added shader cache to speed up runtime
 * Improve wsi.incremental_present.* for low memory
 * Ensure that SPIR-V Headers are always present
 * Use NDK's CMake toolchain for NDK r15+
 * Drop support for NDK r11
 * Add option to embed validation layers in Android package
 * Log SPIR-V dissasembly when validation fails
 * Compile shaders for 1.0-compatible tests as SPIRV 1.0, not max supported
 * Enable shader cache by default
 * MacOS WSI test support
 * Integrated SPIRV-Tools-opt to conformance test
 * AHardwareBuffer make the system API dynamic
 * Add more context for SPIR-V build log outputs.
 * Use utility function for VkViewport and VkRect2D creation
 * Use common utility function for render pass creation
 * Use common utility function for graphics pipeline creation
 * Use common utility function for render pass begin and end
 * Use common utility function for command buffer begin and end
 * Use common utility function for queue submit and wait
 * Added optimization avoiding shader disassembly

 * Remove unconditional depth_clamping
 * Vulkan AHB - fix incorrect structure definition
 * Fix copy/paste errors in opundef assembly tests
 * Remove broken/redundant barrier for multiview depth/stencil readback
 * Fixes geometry shader invocation dependency
 * Removed cache info from logged shaderstrings
 * Incorrect pipeline barrier in multiview.multisample.*
 * Fix build when SPIRV-Tools is not present
 * Invalidate memory in draw tests
 * Request queue with sparse support only when needed
 * Don't fail DisplayPlaneProperties2 with no display
 * Fix 8bit uniform buffers arrays strides
 * Fix memory allocation tests
 * Allow two images worth of alignment slop in protected heap
 * Protected memory image access tests not flushing staging buffer
 * Remove an unneded type qualifier
 * gl_PrimitiveIDIn tests have sketchy loop bounds.
 * Drop linear filter requirement from YCbCr tests
 * Fix 8bit storage spir-v tests
 * Allowed device extensions list is missing entry
 * Don't assume sampling is allowed on linear-tiled YCbCr
 * Fix invalid block layouts
 * Use local binding for renderImage layout change
 * Memory binding tests not invaidating host memory before results check.
 * Made glsl loop tests a bit more robust
 * Fix validation errors in synchronization tests
 * Fix multiview mutlisample tests
 * Fix barriers in dEQP-VK.api.fill_and_update_buffer.*
 * Add missing self-dependency in color->input self-dep tests
 * Account for noncoherent atom size in renderpass memory flush
 * Remove spurious TS/GS stage bits from renderpass test barriers
 * Fix image blit mirrored comparisons
 * Remove one copy of the ballot test source
 * Fix barrier and invalidation of the fill_buffer readback
 * Require geometry shader in multisample resolve
 * Added more early-out hardware support checks
 * Fix check for 16-bit extension for 16-bit conversion functions.
 * Fix improper use of vkCmdWaitEvents
 * dEQP-VK.renderpass.sparserendertarget: bind metadata
 * Emit defined positions from tessellation shader in subgroups tests.
 * Use default device for sparse binding tests.
 * Allow fp16 denorm inputs to be flushed to zero.
 * Fix validation errors in draw tests
 * Fix protected memory buffer tests to do proper operation
 * Fix UConvert validation error in mul_sdiv tests
 * Multiview: do not use inline renderpass with secondary command buffers
 * Fix pipeline barrier for clearing multiview attachment
 * Clear all Views of Framebuffer Attachment to reference background color
 * Fix validation errors in image tests
 * Randomize image layout in renderpass attachment allocation test
 * Check ballot requirement in subgroup basic tests
 * Fix logging issues when shader cache is enabled
 * Skip shader compile on unsupported ycbcr tests
 * Require extension for the deviceFeatures2 test
 * Require protectedMemory feature for non-zero queue create flags
 * Fix resource buffers used for the Op?Convert graphics tests
 * Use the subgroups 'supportedCheck' helpers
 * Fix stack overflow on vkGetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties
 * Request proper features in spirv_asembly tests
 * Fix use of sparse binding queue on default context
 * UnpackHalf2x16: consistent subnormal 16bit values
 * Fix validation errors in pipeline tests
 * Fix invalid command pool create flag in image tests
 * Fix invalid memory scope in SPIR-V tests
 * Allow pop-free behavior in line clipping tests
 * Validation errors fix in copying 3d images
 * Don't run sparse texture tests if format isn't sparse supported
 * Fix validation errors in image clearing tests
 * Fix: Remove workaround nonCoherentAtomSize
 * Account for differences in nan with fp16 comparison
 * Fix wrong layout used in vkCmdImageResolve
 * Use framebuffer with a compatible render pass
 * Fix invalid  memory semantics in barrier tests
 * Use default device for spir-v assembly tests
 * Fixed color bias and scale for BC4-5 tests
 * Removed incompatible render pass test
 * Remove max expected query result in pipeline statistics tests
 * Fix subpixel precision for line geometry generation
 * Fix issues in ProtectedMemCopyBufferToImage
 * Handle denorm flush to negative zero in unpackhalf2x16 tests.
 * Fixes tessellation triangle check
 * Reduces percentage of heap used in memory tests
Merge vk-gl-cts/vulkan-cts-1.1.1 into vk-gl-cts/vulkan-cts-1.1.2

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This repository contains a GPU testing suite called dEQP (drawElements Quality Program). dEQP contains tests for several graphics APIs, including OpenGL ES, EGL, and Vulkan.


Up-to-date documentation for the dEQP is available at Android Open Source Project site.

Khronos Vulkan Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos Vulkan CTS under external/vulkancts directory. For more information see Vulkan CTS README.

Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS under external/openglcts directory. For more information see OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS README.