Vulkan CTS

First major Vulkan 1.1 CTS release. Adds ~44k unique test
cases that cover Vulkan 1.1 and Vulkan 1.0.
Improves the framework to handle both Vulkan 1.1 and Vulkan 1.0

New tests for extensions:
 * Tests for VK_KHR_maintenance3
 * Tests for VK_KHR_device_group and VK_KHR_device_group_creation
 * Tests for VK_KHR_display

Other new tests:
 * Tests for shader subgroup operations
 * Tests for protected content
 * Tests for multiview
 * Tests for generating mipmaps with vkCmdBlitImage()
 * Tests for getDeviceMemoryCommitment
 * Tests for OpSMod/OpSRem
 * Tests for NEAREST filtered blitting
 * Tests for resolving between images of different sizes
 * Tests for Multisample Shader BuiltIn
 * Tests for occlusion query with fragment discard
 * Test for maxVertexInputAttributes
 * Tests for NMin, NMax and NClamp instructions
 * Tests for vkCmdClearColorImage with VK_REMAINING_ARRAY_LAYERS
 * Tests for OpAtomic* in graphics pipeline
 * Tests for FragDepth shader built-in

 * HLSL compilation support
 * Refactor large test groups
 * Refactor time consuming initializers

Removed tests:
 * OpUConvert with signed integer destination
Update glslang, SPIR-V commits

Components: Framework

Affects: dEQP-VK.*

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This repository contains a GPU testing suite called dEQP (drawElements Quality Program). dEQP contains tests for several graphics APIs, including OpenGL ES, EGL, and Vulkan.


Up-to-date documentation for the dEQP is available at Android Open Source Project site.

Khronos Vulkan Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos Vulkan CTS under external/vulkancts directory. For more information see Vulkan CTS README.

Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS under external/openglcts directory. For more information see OpenGL / OpenGL ES CTS README.