Vulkan CTS Release

Second major Vulkan 1.0 CTS update. This release adds over 60 new test
sets that contain ~27k unique test cases in total.

Three new KHR extensions are covered by this release:

 * VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
 * VK_KHR_shader_draw_parameters
 * VK_KHR_maintenance1

Other new tests include:

 * Sample shading
 * Multisampled images
   * Image load/store
   * Resolve blits
 * Extended image tests
   * Image filtering
   * Image copies
   * Image blits
   * More image combinations (NPOT sizes etc.)
 * Extended vertex attribute setup tests
 * Extended shader built-in variable tests
 * Improved pipeline barrier tests
   * More shader stages and commands
 * Scissoring
 * Sparse resources
 * Improved draw command tests
   * Instanced draws
   * VertexIndex with indexed indirect draws
 * Input attachments
 * Dynamic indexing of push constants
 * User clip planes
 * Geometry shaders
 * Extended multi-queue tests
   * "Unusual" queue types
 * Various API corner-cases
Merge vulkancts/vulkan-cts-1.0.2 into vulkancts/vulkan-cts-1.0.2-extensions

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This repository contains a GPU testing suite called dEQP (drawElements Quality Program). dEQP contains tests for several graphics APIs, including OpenGL ES, EGL, and Vulkan.


Up-to-date documentation for the dEQP is available at Android Open Source Project site.

Khronos Vulkan Conformance Tests

This repository includes Khronos Vulkan CTS under external/vulkancts directory. For more information see Vulkan CTS README.