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* OpenGL Conformance Test Suite
* -----------------------------
* Copyright (c) 2014-2016 The Khronos Group Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
*/ /*!
* \file
* \brief
*/ /*-------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#include "../esextcTestCaseBase.hpp"
#include "esextcTessellationShaderUtils.hpp"
#include "gluShaderUtil.hpp"
#include "tcuDefs.hpp"
#include <map>
#include <vector>
namespace glcts
/** Implementation of Test Case 34
* Consider isoline tessellation.
* Make sure that the number of isolines generated is derived from the first
* outer tessellation level;
* Make sure that the number of segments in each isoline is derived
* from the second outer tessellation level.
* Make sure that both inner tessellation levels and the third and the fourth
* outer tessellation levels do not affect the tessellation process.
* Make sure that 'equal_spacing' vertex spacing mode is always used for
* vertical subdivision of the input quad.
* Make sure no line is drawn between (0, 1) and (1, 1) in (u, v) domain.
* 0. Consider the following set: {-1, 1, MAX_TESS_GEN_LEVEL_EXT / 2,
* MAX_TESS_GEN_LEVEL_EXT}. All combinations of values from this set
* in regard to the first two outer tessellation levels for isolines
* generator mode should be checked by this test.
* 1. For each combination and case described in the test summary, output
* vertices processed by TE should be XFBed and verified by the test
* implementation.
* 2. For the case where we verify that inner tessellation level and
* the 3rd and the 4th outer tessellation levels are ignored,
* the test should work along the lines of test case 28.
class TessellationShadersIsolines : public TestCaseBase
/* Public methods */
TessellationShadersIsolines(Context& context, const ExtParameters& extParams);
virtual ~TessellationShadersIsolines(void)
virtual void deinit(void);
virtual IterateResult iterate(void);
/* Forward declarations */
struct _test_descriptor;
/* Private type definitions */
/** Stores:
* a) properties used to generate tessellated coordinates.
* b) pointer to owning test descriptor
* c) captured tessellated coordinates.
typedef struct _test_result
unsigned int n_isolines;
unsigned int n_vertices;
const _test_descriptor* parent;
std::vector<float> rendered_data;
int irrelevant_tess_level;
int outer1_tess_level;
int outer2_tess_level;
n_isolines = 0;
n_vertices = 0;
parent = DE_NULL;
irrelevant_tess_level = 0;
outer1_tess_level = 0;
outer2_tess_level = 0;
} _test_result;
/** Encapsulates:
* a) Tessellation properties corresponding to what is set
* in TC and TE stages, when the particular program object
* is used for draw calls.
* b) Pointer to test instance.
typedef struct _test_descriptor
TessellationShadersIsolines* parent;
float inner_tess_levels[2];
float irrelevant_tess_level;
float outer_tess_levels[4];
_tessellation_shader_vertex_spacing vertex_spacing_mode;
_test_descriptor() : irrelevant_tess_level(0)
parent = DE_NULL;
memset(inner_tess_levels, 0, sizeof(inner_tess_levels));
memset(outer_tess_levels, 0, sizeof(outer_tess_levels));
} _test_descriptor;
/** Function pointer used to refer to verification functions that operate on
* a single test result descriptor.
typedef void (*PFNTESTRESULTPROCESSORPROC)(_test_result& test_result, glw::GLenum glToken);
typedef std::vector<_test_descriptor> _tests;
typedef _tests::const_iterator _tests_const_iterator;
typedef _tests::iterator _tests_iterator;
typedef std::map<_tessellation_shader_vertex_spacing, _tests> _tests_per_vertex_spacing_map;
typedef _tests_per_vertex_spacing_map::const_iterator _tests_per_vertex_spacing_map_const_iterator;
typedef _tests_per_vertex_spacing_map::iterator _tests_per_vertex_spacing_map_iterator;
typedef std::vector<_test_result> _test_results;
typedef _test_results::iterator _test_results_iterator;
typedef std::map<_tessellation_shader_vertex_spacing, _test_results> _test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map;
typedef _test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map::const_iterator _test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map_const_iterator;
typedef _test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map::iterator _test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map_iterator;
typedef int _irrelevant_tess_level;
typedef int _outer1_tess_level;
typedef int _outer2_tess_level;
/* Private methods */
void countIsolines(_test_result& test_result);
_test_result findTestResult(_irrelevant_tess_level irrelevant_tess_level, _outer1_tess_level outer1_tess_level,
_outer2_tess_level outer2_tess_level,
_tessellation_shader_vertex_spacing vertex_spacing_mode);
Context& getContext();
void initTest(void);
void initTestDescriptor(_tessellation_shader_vertex_spacing vertex_spacing_mode, const float* inner_tess_levels,
const float* outer_tess_levels, float irrelevant_tess_level, _test_descriptor& test);
void runForAllTestResults(PFNTESTRESULTPROCESSORPROC pProcessTestResult);
static void checkFirstOuterTessellationLevelEffect(_test_result& test_result,
const glw::GLenum glMaxTessGenLevelToken);
void checkIrrelevantTessellationLevelsHaveNoEffect();
static void checkNoLineSegmentIsDefinedAtHeightOne(_test_result& test_result, const glw::GLenum unused);
static void checkSecondOuterTessellationLevelEffect(_test_result& test_result,
const glw::GLenum glMaxTessGenLevelToken);
void checkVertexSpacingDoesNotAffectAmountOfGeneratedIsolines();
/* Private variables */
float m_irrelevant_tess_value_1;
float m_irrelevant_tess_value_2;
_test_results_per_vertex_spacing_map m_test_results;
_tests_per_vertex_spacing_map m_tests;
TessellationShaderUtils* m_utils_ptr;
glw::GLuint m_vao_id;
} // namespace glcts