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Dear Adopters,
This announcement provides notification that the Khronos Group Inc. intends
to withdraw Vulkan CTS 1.1.1.x releases.
These releases are being discontinued due to improved quality and coverage
provided by more recent releases. Once the releases are withdrawn it will not be
possible to make conformance submissions against these releases.
The Khronos Group recommends updating to Vulkan CTS 1.1.3.x and more recent releases
as early as possible.
This announcement covers the following tags as listed on
- vulkan-cts-
- vulkan-cts-
- vulkan-cts-
- vulkan-cts-
More information about Khronos Conformance and withdrawal policies can be found
in the Khronos Group Conformance Process document
( Attachment M.
Please contact the Vulkan CTS TSG chair (alexander.galazin at or
the Vulkan Working Group chair (tom.olson at if you have any questions.
Below are some key dates to acknowledge:
2019-04-12 Notice of intent to withdraw Vulkan CTS 1.1.1.x
distributed via email to adopters.
2019-10-10 The affected releases are withdrawn.
11 April 2019
Alexander Galazin
Vulkan CTS TSG Chair