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Conformance Test
Michal Butterweck, Mobica
Michal Butterweck, Mobica (michal.butterweck 'at'
In review
August 31, 2016 (version 1)
This specification is written against:
- OpenGL 4.5 Core Profile specification,
- ARB_post_depth_coverage extension specification.
The test verifies that when ARB_post_depth_coverage is available one can
use post_depth_coverage layout and gl_SampleMaskIn is affected according
to the extension specification.
Check that macro construction:
#extension GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage : <behavior>
is allowed in the shader.
Check that a new preprocessor #define GL_ARB_post_depth_coverage is
available and equal to 1.
Prepare a proper shader with following layout setup:
layout(early_fragment_tests) in;
layout(post_depth_coverage) in;
Expect it builds without error.
Prepare a proper shader with following layout setup:
layout(post_depth_coverage) in;
Expect it builds without error.
Sample Mask
Prepare multisample framebuffer with integer color and depth attachments
1x1 pixels in size. A color attachment must be a texture. Clear it.
Prepare framebuffer with integer color attachment 1x(number of samples)
pixels in size. Clear it.
Prepare shader program which passes gl_SampleMaskIn to the output as a
Prepare shader program which passes samples from multisample texture to
the output fragment.
Turn on depth test.
Enable multisampling.
Use multisample framebuffer.
Use first program.
Draw a figure which partially covers the pixels samples but does not
cover the pixel center. The dimensions of the figure may be dependent
on the results of GetMultisamplefv called with SAMPLE_POSITION pname.
The figure shall be placed at near view (eg. depth equal 0.25).
Clear the color attachment.
Draw a figure which fully covers the pixel area but is placed behind the
previous polygon (eg. at depth equal to 0.75). Do not use post depth
coverage. Output gl_SampleMaskIn to the the fragment.
Turn off depth test.
Use second framebuffer.
Use second program.
Bind first's frambuffer color attachment texture as an input to the
fragment shader.
Copy data from the multisample framebuffer to the second framebuffer
using the second program and draw call. Fetch value of gl_SampleMaskIn
from the second framebuffer using ReadPixels. Expect that for all
enabled samples corresponding gl_SampleMaskIn bit is set.
Repeat the test using post depth coverage layout for the second draw
call. Expect that bits in the gl_SampleMaskIn are only set for the
samples which are not covered by the first primitive.
Repeat both test cases substituting the depth test with the stencil
Revision History
Revision 1, 31 August, 2016 (Michal Butterweck)
- Initial version.