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Update the Readme files to point to the new
submission verifcation script

Components: Vulkan, OpenGL

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 format. Each tested configuration listed in `cts-run-summary.xml`
 To analyse and process the log files, run the following scripts
-- `external/openglcts/scripts/verify_submission.py`: Script that verifies logs based on `cts-run-summary.xml` file.
+- `verify_submission.py` located in [VK-GL-CTS-Tools](https://github.com/KhronosGroup/VK-GL-CTS-Tools): Script that verifies logs based on `cts-run-summary.xml` file.
 - `scripts/log/log_to_csv.py`: This utility converts `.qpa` log into CSV format. This is
 useful for importing results into other systems.
 - `scripts/log/log_to_xml.py`: Converts `.qpa` into well-formed XML document. The document
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-Submission package can be verified using `external/vulkancts/scripts/verify_submission.py`
-script. The script takes two arguments: path to extracted submission package
-and path to current mustpass list. For example:
-	python external/vulkancts/scripts/verify_submission.py VK_11_Khronos_1/ external/vulkancts/mustpass/master/vk-default.txt
-Please note that the script reports a warning even for a correctly generated git-log.txt
-If your git-log.txt contains only head commit of the release tag then
-the warning can be ignored.
+Submission package can be verified using `verify_submission.py`
+script located in [VK-GL-CTS-Tools](https://github.com/KhronosGroup/VK-GL-CTS-Tools).
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