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  1. templates/
  2. aws_credentials_cc.txt
  3. aws_key_arn.txt
  4. bad_access_keys_aws.csv
  5. bad_aws_credentials_cc.txt
  6. bad_aws_key_arn.txt
  7. bad_credentials_aws.csv
  8. bad_gcp_credentials.json
  9. bad_gcp_key_name.txt
  10. BUILD.bazel
  11. credential.json
  12. credentials_aws.cred
  13. credentials_aws.csv
  14. credentials_aws.ini
  15. ecies_private_keyset.bin
  16. ecies_private_keyset2.bin
  17. ecies_public_keyset.bin
  18. ecies_public_keyset2.bin
  19. gcp_key_name.txt

This folder contains AWS and GCP credentials that are used for testing Tink.


The AWS credentials in this folder are used to access only a single test key. Access is also limited to where source IP address is from Google.

The credentials are provided in several formats expected by different APIs. For example, Java expects the credentials as a properties file.


For security reasons, all GCP credentials in this folder are invalid. If you want to run tests that depend on them, please create your own Cloud KMS key, and copy the credentials to credential.json and the key URI to gcp_key_name.txt.