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  1. Assets.xcassets/
  2. Base.lproj/
  3. AeadPrimitive.h
  4. AeadPrimitive.m
  5. AppDelegate.h
  6. AppDelegate.m
  7. Info.plist
  8. main.m
  9. Podfile
  10. project.pbxproj
  12. ViewController.h
  13. ViewController.m

Obj-C Hello World

This is an example iOS application that can encrypt and decrypt text using AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data).

It demonstrates the basic steps of using Tink, namely generating key material, obtaining a primitive, and using the primitive to do crypto.

The example comes with a Podfile that demonstrates how to install Tink from Cocoapods.

Build and Run


git clone
cd tink/examples/objc/helloworld
pod install
open TinkExampleApp.xcworkspace