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* This interface file tests whether the language modules handle the kind when declared
* with the function/member name, especially when used with proxy classes.
%module kind
%warnfilter(SWIGWARN_RUBY_WRONG_NAME) foo; /* Ruby, wrong class name */
%warnfilter(SWIGWARN_RUBY_WRONG_NAME) bar; /* Ruby, wrong class name */
%warnfilter(SWIGWARN_RUBY_WRONG_NAME) uni; /* Ruby, wrong class name */
%warnfilter(SWIGWARN_RUBY_WRONG_NAME) test; /* Ruby, wrong class name */
%inline %{
class foo {};
struct bar {};
union uni {};
struct test {
void foofn(class foo myfoo1, foo myfoo2, class foo* myfoo3, foo* myfoo4, class foo& myfoo5, foo& myfoo6) {}
void barfn(struct bar mybar1, bar mybar2, struct bar* mybar3, bar* mybar4, struct bar& mybar5, bar& mybar6) {}
void unifn(union uni myuni1, uni myuni2, union uni* myuni3, uni* myuni4, union myuni& myuni5, myuni& myuni6) {}
class foo myFooMember;
struct bar myBarMember;
union uni myUniMember;
class foo* mypFooMember;
struct bar* mypBarMember;
union uni* mypUniMember;