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// Test case uses all the Java pragmas which are for tailoring the generated JNI class and Java module class.
%module java_pragmas
%pragma(java) jniclassimports=%{
import java.lang.*; // For Exception
%pragma(java) jniclassclassmodifiers="public class"
%pragma(java) jniclassbase="Exception"
%pragma(java) jniclassinterfaces="Cloneable"
%pragma(java) jniclasscode=%{
// jniclasscode pragma code: Static block so that the JNI class loads the C++ DLL/shared object when the class is loaded
static {
try {
} catch (UnsatisfiedLinkError e) {
System.err.println("Native code library failed to load. See the chapter on Dynamic Linking Problems in the SWIG Java documentation for help.\n" + e);
public static final long serialVersionUID = 0x52151000; // Suppress ecj warning
%pragma(java) moduleimports=%{
import*; // For Serializable
%pragma(java) moduleclassmodifiers="public final class"
%pragma(java) modulebase="Object"
%pragma(java) moduleinterfaces="Serializable"
%pragma(java) modulecode=%{
public static final long serialVersionUID = 0x52151001; // Suppress ecj warning
public static void added_function(String s) {
// Added function
%inline %{
int *get_int_pointer() {
static int number = 10;
return &number;