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// This testcase uses the %javaconst directive to control how constants are initialised
%module java_constants
%constant short DIPSTICK=100;
// Set default Java const code generation
// Modify the code generation to use JNI function call initialisation for some difficult cases
%javaconst(0) TOM;
%javaconst(0) ORCHESTRA_STALLS;
%javaconst(0) PORKY;
%inline %{
#define CHINA 2*100
#define TOM 300ULL
#define JAM_JAR "500"
#define OXO '6'
#define PORKY !7
%constant int BRISTOLS=800;
%javaconstvalue(100L) APPLES;
%inline %{
#define APPLES 100LL
%constant long long ROSY=900LL;