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%module global_scope_types
// no constructor/destructor wrappers as they do not use global scope operator which we are trying to test here
%nodefaultctor Dingaling;
%nodefaultdtor Dingaling;
%inline %{
struct Dingaling {};
typedef Dingaling DINGALING;
template <typename T> struct MyTemplate {
T tt(T t) { return t; }
T& ttr(T& t) { return t; }
#ifndef SWIG
// This is added so that the code will not compile, if the global scope operator on Dingaling is omitted in the generated code
namespace Spac {
class Dingaling {
Dingaling(const Dingaling& t);
Dingaling& operator=(const Dingaling t);
using namespace Spac;
namespace Spac {
struct Ting {};
typedef Ting TING;
class Test {
void something(::Dingaling t, ::Dingaling* pt, ::Dingaling& rt, const ::Dingaling& crt) {}
void tsomething(MyTemplate< ::Dingaling > t1, MyTemplate< const ::Dingaling* > t2) {}
// void usomething(::MyTemplate< ::DINGALING > t3, ::MyTemplate< ::DINGALING *> t4) {} // needs fixing
void nothing(::Spac::Ting*, ::Spac::TING&) {}
extern "C" void funcptrtest( void (*)(::Dingaling) ) {}