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// This file contains tests for situations, which do not normally
// appear in the code, but must nevertheless be handled correctly.
%module doxygen_misc_constructs
%inline %{
// Tag '@endink' must be recognized even if it is not
// followed by whitespace.
/** Tag endlink must be recognized also when followed by nonspace character.
* @link Connection::getId() @endlink<br> */
char g_counter;
Tag endlink must be recognized also when it is the last token
in the comment.
@link Connection::getId() @endlink<br>
@link Python example. @endlink
int g_zipCode;
// Parameter 'isReportSize' must appear in comment of the overload, which
// has it. Empty line before link must be preserved.
* Returns address of file line.
* @param fileName name of the file, where the source line is located
* @param line line number
* @param isGetSize if set, for every object location both address and size are returned
* @link Connection::getId() @endlink <br>
void getAddress(int &fileName,
int line,
bool isGetSize = false) {}
// The first comment must be ignored.
* \defgroup icFacade isystem.connect Facade
* This page shows the core classes, which can be used to control
* all aspects of winIDEA, for example: debugging, analyzers, IO module, ...
* This class contains information for connection to winIDEA. Its methods
* return reference to self, so we can use it like this:
* <pre>
* CConnectionConfig config = new CConnectionConfig();
* config.discoveryPort(5534).dllPath("C:\\myWinIDEA\\connect.dll").id("main");
* </pre>
* All parameters are optional. Set only what is required, default values are
* used for unspecified parameters.
* <p>
* @link Python example.@endlink <br>
class CConnectionConfig
// Text after '\c' must be kept unchanged in Python.
* Determines how long the \c isystem.connect should wait for running
* instances to respond. Only one of \c lfWaitXXX flags from IConnect::ELaunchFlags
* may be specified.
int waitTime(long waitTime) {return 33;}
// Line with tag \ingroup must not appear in translated comment:
/** \ingroup icFacade
* This function returns connection id.
int getConnection() {return 3;}
// the following must produce no comment in wrapper
char getFirstLetter() {return 'a';}
* Class description.
class ClassWithNestedEnum {
* Enum description.
typedef enum {ONE, ///< desc of one
TWO, ///< desc of two
THREE ///< desc of three
} ENested;
/// @return This is a bad place for this tag, but it should be ignored.
struct StructWithReturnComment {};
An example of a list in a documentation comment.
- The first item of the list.
- The second list item, on
several indented lines,
showing that the indentation
is preserved.
- And the final list item after it.
And this is not a list item any more.
void showList() { }
#include "doxygen_misc_constructs.h"
%include "doxygen_misc_constructs.h"