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// Checks if calls to a method being defined in the base class, not
// overridden in the subclass, but again overridden in a class derived from
// the first subclass are dispatched correctly.
%module(directors="1") director_alternating;
%feature("director") Foo;
%inline %{
struct Foo {
virtual ~Foo() {}
virtual int id() {
return 0;
struct Bar : Foo {};
struct Baz : Bar {
virtual int id() {
return 2;
// Note that even though the return value is of type Bar*, it really points to
// an instance of Baz (in which id() has been overridden).
Bar *getBar() {
static Baz baz;
return &baz;
// idFromGetBar() obviously is equivalent to getBar()->id() in C++ – this
// should be true from the target language as well.
int idFromGetBar() {
return getBar()->id();