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/* This testcase checks whether SWIG correctly parses function objects
and the templates for the functions (signature).
Function objects are objects which overload the operator() function.
The std::function does not provide any seamless support in the target languages yet.
%module(directors="1") cpp11_function_objects
%rename(__call__) Test::operator();
%feature("director") Test;
%inline %{
class Test {
int value;
virtual void operator()(int x, int y) {
Test() : value(0) {}
virtual ~Test() {}
Test test;
#include <functional>
std::function<void ( int, int )> pF = test;
int testit1(Test &new_test, int a, int b) {
pF = std::ref(new_test);
pF(a, b);
return new_test.value;
int testit2(int a, int b) {
test(a, b);
return test.value;