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Below are the changes for the current release.
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Version 4.1.0 (in progress)
2021-05-13: olly
[Allegrocl] #2009 Remove code for Allegro Common Lisp. We dropped
support for it in SWIG 4.0.0 and nobody has stepped forward to
revive it in over 2 years.
2021-05-04: olly
[PHP] #1982 #1457
SWIG now only use PHP's C API to implement its wrappers, and no
longer generates PHP code to define classes. The wrappers should
be almost entirely compatible with those generated before, but
faster and without some previously hard-to-fix bugs.
The main notable difference is SWIG no longer generates a .php
wrapper at all by default (only if %pragma(php) code=... or
%pragma(php) include=... are specified in the interface file).
This also means you need to load the module via extension=...
in php.ini, rather than letting the dl() in the generated
.php wrapper load it (but dl() has only worked for command-line
PHP for some years now).
2021-04-30: olly
#1984 Remove support for $source and $target.
These were officially deprecated in 2001, and attempts to use them have
resulted in a warning (including a pointer to what to update them to)
for most if not all of that time.
2021-04-27: wsfulton
#1987 [Java] Fix %interface family of macros for returning by const
pointer reference.
2021-04-19: olly
Fix use of uninitialised variable in the generated code for an
empty typecheck typemap, such as the dummy one we include for
2021-04-12: olly
#1777 [Python] Specifying -py3 now generates a check for Python
version >= 3.0.
2021-03-26: olly
[PHP] Add PHP keywords 'fn' (added in 7.4) and 'match' (added in
8.0) to the list SWIG knows to automatically rename.
2021-03-23: wsfulton
#1942 [Python] Fix compilation error in wrappers when using -builtin
and wrapping varargs in constructors.
2021-03-22: goto40
#1977 Fix handling of template template parameters.
2021-03-21: olly
#1929, #1978 [PHP] Add support for PHP 8.
2021-03-19: wsfulton
#1610 Remove -ansi from default compilation flags.
2021-03-19: dot-asm
#1934 [Java] Clean up typemaps for long long arrays.
2021-03-19: olly
#1527 [PHP] Improve PHP object creation in directorin case.
Reportedly the code we were using in this case gave segfaults in
PHP 7.2 and later - we've been unable to reproduce these, but the
new approach is also simpler and should be bit faster too.
2021-03-18: olly
#1655 [PHP] Fix char* typecheck typemap to accept PHP Null like the
corresponding in typemap does.
2021-03-18: olly
#1900, #1905 [PHP] Fix wrapping of overloaded directed methods with
non-void return.
2021-03-11: murillo128
#1498 [Javascript] Support type conversion.
2021-03-06: nshmyrev
#872 [Javascript] Various typemap issues in arrays_javascript.i fixed.
2021-03-03: vaughamhong
#577 [Javascript] Implemented SetModule/GetModule for JSC to allow type sharing
across modules.
2021-03-01: xantares, Oliver Buchtala, geographika
#1040 Add support for building SWIG with CMake. See documentation in Windows.html.
2021-03-01: vadz
#1952 Fix incorrect warning "Unknown Doxygen command: ."
2021-02-28: p2k
#969 [Javascript] v8/node - prevent crash calling a constructor without new keyword.
2021-02-28: alecmev
#405 #1121 [Javascript] Fix OUTPUT typemaps on methods that don't return void.
The output value is appended to the return value.
2021-02-26: murillo128, wsfulton
#1269 [Javascript] Fix handling of large positive unsigned long and
unsigned long long values.
2021-02-24: tomleavy, yegorich, tungntpham
#1746 [Javascript] Add support for Node v12, v14 and v16.
SWIG support for Node is now for v6 and later only.
2020-02-09: ZackerySpytz
#1872 Fix typos in attribute2ref macros.
2020-10-10: wsfulton
[Javascript] Fix so that ccomplex.i interface to file can be used.
2020-10-10: wsfulton
#252 complex can now be used as a C identifier and doesn't give a syntax error.
2020-10-10: lpsinger
#1770 Correct C complex support.
_Complex is now parsed as a keyword rather than complex as per the C99 standard.
The complex macro is available in the ccomplex.i library file along with other
complex number handling provided by the complex.h header.
2020-10-07: ZackerySpytz
[Python] #1812 Fix the error handling for the PyObject_GetBuffer() calls in
2020-10-07: treitmayr
#1824 Add missing space in director method declaration returning
const pointer.
2020-10-07: adelva1984
#1859 Remove all (two) exceptions from SWIG executable.
2020-09-25: wsfulton
[C#, Java] #1874 Add ability to change the modifiers for the interface
generated when using the %interface macros.
For C# use the 'csinterfacemodifiers' typemap.
For Java use the 'javainterfacemodifiers' typemap.
For example:
%typemap(csinterfacemodifiers) X "internal interface"
2020-09-24: geefr
[C#] #1868 Fix wchar_t* csvarout typemap for member variable wrappers.
2020-08-28: wsfulton
[Java] #1862 Fix crashes in swig_connect_director during director class construction
when using the director class from multiple threads - a race condition initialising
block scope static variables. The fix is guaranteed when using C++11, but most
compilers also fix it when using C++03/C++98.
2020-08-16: wsfulton
[Python] Add missing initializer for member _heaptypeobject::ht_module when using
-builtin to complete Python 3.9 support.
2020-08-16: wsfulton
[Python] Remove PyEval_InitThreads() call for Python 3.7 and later as Python calls
it automatically now. This removes a deprecation warning when using Python 3.9.
2020-08-15: wsfulton
[Python] All Python examples and tests are written to be Python 2 and Python 3
compatible, removing the need for 2to3 to run the examples or test-suite.
2020-08-13: wsfulton
[C#] Add support for void *VOID_INT_PTR for member variables.
2020-07-29: chrisburr
#1843 [Python] Compilation error fix in SwigPyBuiltin_SetMetaType when using PyPy.
2020-06-14: ZackerySpytz
#1642 #1809 Fix virtual comparison operators in director classes - remove incorrect
space in the function name, for example, operator= = is now operator==.