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Google Swift Style Guide

This is the source for the Google Swift Style Guide website, which is based on the documentation (found at

Local Testing and Development

  1. Have Ruby >= 2.0.0 installed.
  2. gem install bundler—this command must normally be run with sudo/root/admin privileges.
  3. bundle install—run this command as a regular, unprivileged user.
  4. LC_ALL=en_us.UTF-8 bundle exec jekyll serve --baseurl /swift-style
  5. Visit http://localhost:4000/swift-style/.
  6. Make edits to the source, refresh your browser, lather, rinse, repeat.


  • Changes to _config.yml require restarting the local server (step 4 above).
  • If you make changes to _config.yml specifically in order to serve these pages from an address other than, please make sure those changes are not included in any pull requests, so we don't inadvertently break the main site.