Note: This is in reverse chronological order, so newer entries are added to the top.

Swift 4.0

  • The generated Xcode project creates a dummy target which provides autocompletion for the manifest files. The name of the dummy target is in format: <PackageName>PackageDescription.

  • --specifier option for swift test is now deprecated. Use --filter instead which supports regex.

Swift 3.0

  • SE-0135

    The package manager now supports writing Swift 3.0 specific tags and manifests, in order to support future evolution of the formats used in both cases while still allowing the Swift 3.0 package manager to continue to function.

  • SE-0129

    Test modules now must be named with a Tests suffix (e.g., Foo/Tests/BarTests/BarTests.swift). This name also defines the name of the Swift module, replacing the old BarTestSuite module name.

  • It is no longer necessary to run swift build before running swift test (it will always regenerates the build manifest when necessary). In addition, it now accepts (and requires) the same -Xcc, etc. options as are used with swift build.

  • The Package initializer now requires the name: parameter.