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This source file is part of the open source project
Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
See for license information
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import XCTest
@testable import PackageDescription
class JSONTests: XCTestCase {
func testEncoding() {
// Test the basics of encoding each object type.
func encode(_ item: JSON) -> String {
return item.toString()
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.null), "null")
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.bool(false)), "false")
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.int(1)), "1")
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.string("hi")), "\"hi\"")
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.array([.int(1), .string("hi")])), "[1, \"hi\"]")
XCTAssertEqual(encode(.dictionary(["a": .int(1), "b": .string("hi")])), "{\"a\": 1, \"b\": \"hi\"}")
static var allTests = [
("testEncoding", testEncoding),