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llbuild UI

This is a simple web UI for llbuild.

This is currently only intended for debugging use, and is not installed.

The UI itself is built as a Flask application and uses SQLAlchemy for directly reading the llbuild database files. Eventually we may want to migrate to a more production focused architecture which uses llbuild directly.

Quick Start

You can start using the UI by setting up the web app in a local environment:

  1. Install virtualenv, if necessary. For example:
$ easy_install --user virtualenv
  1. Create a “virtual environment” to install the application in a local directory (e.g., venv):
$ python -m virtualenv venv
  1. Install the application in the local virtual environment:
$ venv/bin/python develop
  1. Run the application:
$ venv/bin/python -m flask run
 * Serving Flask app ""
 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

You can start in debug/development mode with:

$ FLASK_DEBUG=1 venv/bin/python -m flask run