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This directory contains test input files for performance tests.

Currently, the included files are:

This is a manifest with a structure matching that of LLVM by itself (i.e., without clang), as created by using utils/create-dummy-ninja-fromDB to make it compact and simple. See the file itself for specific target names which can be used to run tests against build graphs of varying sizes which are isomorphic to real world use cases. This is a compressed manifest as generated by Ninja‘s misc/, but which has been transformed to concatenate all of the subninja includes into one file, for ease of use. It is a good performance test for Ninja parsing/loading on a large real world test case, although it won’t exercise the performance of include/subninja directives specifically.

chromium-fake-manifest.llbuild.gz This is the same manifest above, but transferred to use llbuild‘s native build file format. It currently is not as semantically complete as the Ninja version, so it isn’t fair to use as a direct head to head comparison of the parsing performance of the two formats, but is a good large test case.